Sierra Madre Hammock Shelters

Sierra Madre Hammock Shelters


The Nubé has pioneered a new way to experience camp! No longer are you bound to the ground or soaking under a leaky tarp! The Nubé offers complete rain protection, insect protection, and a place to store your gear so it's protected and accessible! The Nubé gives you room to stretch out in your hammock, with up to 200lbs stored in the Gear Stash below you.

The Nubé's Closure Sleeves seal around your suspension lines, keeping rain out and your hammock ends protected! The Nubé covers such a large area, you have more than enough room to stand up, change, cook, and have friends over all while weighing in at less than most 1 person tents!

The Nubé is even large enough to hambunk two hammocks inside!

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