Thrive+ After-Alcohol Aid is designed specifically to mitigate the negative effects of alcohol. It works by reducing short-term alcohol withdrawal, replacing lost vitamins, and providing your liver with what it needs to break down alcohol and its toxic by-products. Our After-Alcohol Aid is a patented solution based completely on clinical research done in scientific publications such as The Journal of Neuroscience. Just take three capsules before going to bed!

Most people think that alcohol’s negative effects are simply dehydration. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In “Alcohol Hangover: Mechanisms and Mediators,” researchers Swift and Davidson point out at least seven causes that in conjunction with one another add up to the various negative effects of alcohol and the reason why you feel less than 100% the following day.

Use Thrive+ After-Alcohol Aid & ORS for the most comprehensive solution to alcohol’s negative health effects.

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