BeardBrand is a suite of beauty products designed to groom and prim beards. There is a range of products, but the best seller is a beard oil which is designed to keep beards conditioned and shiny. Beardbrand also sells “grooming kits” which contain a variety of beard products including conditioners, oils, combs, brushes, and scissors. All of the products are accompanied by attractive and whimsical packaging design. Despite some initial interest, BeardBrand was unable to snag a deal in the tank.

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4.00 Stars - 2 reviews for Beardbrand

  1. Christopher

    BeardBrand really fills a narrow niche, that of the bearded man. Perhaps it’s an under represented niche in the grooming and beauty arena, and judging by the sales numbers they presented on the show, they have struck a chord with the follicle enthusiasts. A handful of times in my life I have had a beard, but it’s always been relatively short and never really descended below my chin. I have dealt with some tough, brittle beard hair, even at that length, and I could see a conditioning beard oil coming in handy. According to their website, their signature beard oil gets glowing reviews (4.7 out of 5 stars on the strength of nearly 500 reviews). I could also see the gift value in this product. What do you get the guy you know nothing about, except that he has a beard? Something from BeardBrand, of course! But having not tried the product (and being currently beardless), I have to give this business only a middling review.

  2. Adrian

    I’ve been using this product and I absolutely love it! The aromas are very pleasing and overall I would say it’s reasonably priced. I usually pair this with some products I’ve gotten at I like to mix and match to see what results I get with different products. Overall, two thumbs way up.

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