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Beatbox is a flavored boxed wine beverage that comes in a boombox shaped container. The recipe starts with orange (really!) wine and then adds other flavors. The result are flavors like Blue Razzberry Lemonade and Cranberry Limeade. The packaging (a cardboard boombox) is very unique and attractive and definitely caters to a young demographic. The entrepreneurs describe the product as a “party in a box” and Mark Cuban agreed, entering into a million dollar deal with the entrepreneurs.

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  1. Christopher

    Beatbox is a tough product to judge because I haven’t tasted it. Based on the shark’s reactions, it seems tasty. Most of the reactions were positive (except Kevin, but he’s paid to be cranky). More telling was that I saw a lot of the sharks sneaking more sips as the pitch wore on—a definite good sign. At first, I was pretty skeptical of this product. There are so many flavored vodkas, flavored whiskeys, flavored malt beverages out there with terrible names and disgusting tastes. I assumed this fit into that category. But as the pitch went on, I realized this falls more in the wine category (somewhere that needs more disrupting). They are targeting wine drinkers and people who bring wine to parties—a smart move. The packaging is attractive and the flavors sound fun–I want to at least try it. And that’s the hallmark of successful pitch and successful product, isn’t it?

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