Biaggi is a line of luggage that folds compact for easy storage. The luggage comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors; most is roll-aboard luggage in some form. The idea is that, for most people, luggage is only used a few times a year, yet it takes up a ton of space. By folding down, the luggage can be stored out of sight and out of mind. The luggage either folds flat, while still maintaining its height, or it folds down into a small pouch (as is the case in their “Zipsak” line). Lori dug the product, and jumped in for a cut of Biaggi.

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  1. Christopher

    Biaggi is really smart product. I live in a small, one bedroom apartment, and between myself and my girlfriend, we are always trying to find space to store our luggage. Each of us has two or three pieces of luggage and limited closet space. We have creative solutions—filling bigger suitcases with smaller suitcases, storing out of season clothes in the suitcases, keeping them under couches or under the bed. Needless to say, we are definitely the target market for Biaggi. And honestly, it seems like a great product. It looks attractive, comes in nice colors, and is easy to store. Not much else I could ask for really. From just watching the pitch it is hard to tell how high quality the pieces are. Luggage is one of those things that can break down pretty quickly from being roughly handled by baggage handlers and being thrown in and out of taxi trunks. It’s possible the product is low quality, but my gut says it’s a nice product.

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