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Season 1, Episode 5 Sharks: Barbara Corcoran Category:

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  1. Michele Hanratty

    Mr. Cactus I saw your advertisement of Body Jac. and I can not find it on the website leads me to Amazon and Im not sure if that is your product. Can you help me? Michele

  2. Edith Ann Gammel

    Mr. Cactus, I am having the same problem as Michele Hanratty. Please advise where I can find your Body by Jac. I am very interested in purchasing this equipment. Thank you!! Edith Ann

  3. Betty

    I want to purchase one I was watching Shark Tank update help????

  4. Betty

    P S Amazon website States no available and doesn’t know when it will be available

  5. Carmen

    I can’t find this product anywhere is it still available to purchase

  6. Carmen

    Where can I purchase a body Jac

  7. JB

    I saw that it is discontinued, which is unfortunate because I would’ve liked to buy one as well.

  8. Casey Byous

    I want to purchase this item but cannot find it anywhere does anyone know where to get this?

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