The first smart padlock designed to protect deliveries.
BoxLock makes sure that you get your packages reliably, when you expect them.

When it works, home delivery is a convenient and efficient way to get anything you need from just about anywhere. But what about when a package doesn’t show up on your doorstep, even though the carrier’s tracking says it was delivered?

If you’re one of the 26 million Americans who’ve had a package stolen from their doorstep by a “porch pirate,” you’ve experienced the frustration of a missing package and the hassle, delay and expense of trying to replace it — if it’s replaceable at all.

BoxLock Home is designed to stand out so delivery drivers can quickly and easily find it. Its ergonomic shape is easy to grip for scanning and maximizes the battery life while fighting off the elements.

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3.00 Stars - 1 review for BoxLock

  1. Kim Grindatti

    I can make a ups label for under $6 and scan and open anyones box

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