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Our delicious vanilla, chocolate & coffee sampler pack is a great way to taste all of our flavors. All flavors are organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, have no added sugar and are great as a dessert, snack or meal replacement. Loaded with MCTs and Good Fats that will give you a more sustained energy and help you feel full without carbs. We are certified organic and have a clean label with 6 or fewer ingredients depending on flavor. These are perfect for your busy lifestyles. Just chill and enjoy! (Must refrigerate after opening).

We invented CAVE SHAKES because we needed them! When we started a nutritional keto diet, we were required to eat tons of good fats and keep our carb count low. We were feeling great, losing weight rapidly, but still felt like we needed a dessert that wouldn't throw us off our game.

CAVE SHAKES were born! Creamy and delicious, these tubular treats quickly became our dessert for every meal and our go to meal replacement. CAVE SHAKES are loaded with MCTs and amazing macros to power you through your day. They are Keto, Paleo, Vegan, low carb, gluten free, dairy free, no sugar added, and use no more than 6 ingredients.

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5.00 Stars - 1 review for Cave Shake

  1. Nicky P

    These are beyond good! Can’t find them anywhere and not sure why they cut down the serving size! From 8oz to like 3.4 oz

    Not sure what’s going on! Great product but it’s not being handled right it seems. Shame I was ready to buy them all from Mom organic market yesterday only to be told that they have been discontinued from being sold at their stores!! So upset.

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