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Goodbye tired, morning blahs and winter blues. Hello better energy, mood and sleep.

The rising and setting of the sun is one of the few constants in our daily lives. This circadian rhythm regulates each cell in our body and impacts our mood, energy and sleep. We use LED technology to replicate daylight to super charge your health.

Each lamp was designed to effortlessly fit into your home or work space. Touch sensors make turning on your day as easy as a single tap. These four short steps will have you well on your way to a brighter, more focused, you.

Circadian Optics is a maker of bright light therapy lamps that mimic daylight, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our designer lamps allow you to get the light you need, right at your desk.

To be our best self, science tells us to get enough sleep, take vitamins, drink water, and exercise. But what if there was something else that we needed?

Circadian Optics was born in the dark office, in the middle of Winter. Our minds and bodies were hungry for sunlight. We set out to develop our own bright light lamps.

Our approach is simple: We value design. Our products need to look amazing. The result was Circadian Optics, bright light lamps that we are proud to place on our desk.

We are on mission to get people thinking about the importance of light in our everyday lives.

Learn how getting light at the right time improves mood, boosts energy, and regulates sleep.

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