Cup Board Pro


The wood cutting board for quick meal prep from Firehouse Chef, Keith Young and Kaley Young. Easy to use, time efficient, and kitchen safe. The all-in-one cutting board for families.

Cup is easily insertable into the cutting board and collapsible for easy storage. Includes grips for easy transport. Cutting board is hand washable, cup is dishwasher safe.

Attachable cup easily separates prepped foods from scraps. Included juice groove makes it a great cutting board for meat. Rubber cutting board feet create a slight tilt to catch juices while providing a non-slip experience.

An all in one prep board for cutting nearly any food. Chop and separate vegetables, slice meats without making a mess, and cut cheeses with precision.

Made with bamboo, a natural antimicrobial surface that resists bacteria. Bamboo is easier on knives, requiring less frequent sharpening. Made from sustainable materials.

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5.00 Stars - 11 reviews for Cup Board Pro

  1. Scott clune

    I see that they are sold out. Do you know if more will be available before Christmas? Thank you.

  2. Helen Avaient

    After seeing the Shark Tank episode, I want to give a board to everyone I know. For Christmas, for birthdays, and for just because. This story moved me, as others were, to tears. I think your story is fantastic and the three children are blessed. Bad things happen to good people, and this is a shining example of that. Your strength is amazing. Keep moving forward. It is wonderful that you have each other for support, love, and care.
    Many kindest thoughts
    Helen from Australia.

  3. Judy Rovno

    I was hearing your story from my friend Helen from Australia, and started to cry along with her. This story was so touching and moving for me. I feel like I want to be part of helping and also I think the cutting board is an amazing invention. So, I would love to not only have one for myself. but for other people that I love.
    I will be sharing this story with others and I hope that your strength continues.

  4. Nancy Meisenheimer

    How can I get on a waiting list for the Cut Board Pro wen it is back in stock?

  5. Jessica Nicole

    I would like to purchase some as well to help support the family also pass out as gifts. When will some be available amazon is sold out! Do another website carry these?


    Dear Sharks and Family Young,
    I have had from my daily work an idea to build up a different cutting board than the one we present manufacture.
    After seen your product at SHARKS TANK , I would like to bring an idea to the table I am sure that would help considerably yours and my business.
    Please let me know your interest and I will be glad to meet at best convinience.

    Thank you
    Best Regards
    David Guerra

  7. Karla Murphy

    How can I get one?

  8. Scott

    I see a version at Williams-Sonoma. Thats the same one, right?

  9. Debbie

    I would love to buy a couple of these not only for myself but for others as gifts. I see that they are sold out now. When do expect more to be available? How do I get on a wait list for them?

  10. thomas

    The Cup Board Pro is now exclusively available at Williams-Sonoma here.


    i saw this on shark tank. I wanted to support the family as well as I loved the ingenuity. I ordered online with Williams Sonoma – the rolling delay is almost 2 months now – I’m almost ready to cancel the order due to the rolling delay –

    any idea when these will be available ?

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