With DigiWrap you can customize tissue paper with your corporate brand, logo, product shots, or even full-color photos. Use our tissue paper to line corporate gift bags, wrap baby or bridal shower gifts, or cushion employee awards. The ideas are endless. All printed tissue paper is available in a wide selection of background colors and come in a variety of sizes, making this the perfect personalized touch to any gift, giveaway, or promotion.

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  1. Katie Sullivan

    Worst customer service I have ever received. Due to an error in their system. my order was printed wrong. They refused to acknowledge that the order in my shopping cart/invoice was different than what I received saying it was “too low resolution to go off of.” They told me to go in and edit the order, which I did and the file was in fact wrong. This is because I had ordered multiple patterns and it was pulling the first upload rather than the one I selected and saved, as confirmed in the “low resolution” image shown in the shopping cart. They refused to reprint or to refund me my money, which was only $16 and took uo way too much of my time back and forth refusing to acknowledge a mistake on their end and instead placing the blame on me. I ordered these as samples to decide which pattern to go with and was going to place a much larger order, but obviously I will never by doing business with them again.

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