Drum Pants is a nifty product, with a terrible name and two entrepreneurs who can't seem to get on the same page. Drum Pants is a series of bands you wear under your clothes that act as a wearable controller. It connects through Bluetooth to any device. The entrepreneurs demonstrated that the bands can be used to play music by drumming your hands against the bands. They also claimed that there are other applications for the product including controlling apps and games.

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1.00 Stars - 3 reviews for DrumPants

  1. Jim Benson

    MIDI based body controls/triggers have been around since the 80’s. Laurie Anderson performed with this technology Lon ago. There’s a reason it never caught on. OK for a party, but for $100.?? That’s just silly. A Puzo trigger costs $2.

  2. Lynn

    Drum pants has been a terrible experience. This company does not ship your product when it is promised. You will not be able to get them to answer your emails. Shank Tank should of never allowed them on the show! I finally received my product 4 months after I paid for it and it doesn’t work the way it was described. Don’t place a order from this company because you will never see your product or money returned!!

  3. Brandon

    Complete junk!! Don’t waste ur money!! JUNK!!!0

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