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Eve Drop is product designed to make putting Christmas lights up much easier. The product is a small plastic hanger that attaches to the eves of your house and keeps the lights secured. The lights stay up all year long. When it comes times to take the lights out for the year, you simply release a hinge which lowers the lights and makes them visible. Eve Drop was unable to secure an investment.

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2.00 Stars - 1 review for Eve Drop

  1. Christopher

    Putting up lights is a huge hassle. They get tangled, they break easily and it is hard to find the cause of the problem. You have to be up on ladders hanging the lights, in the cold. There are a lot of headaches involved. I think any product that aims to make that process easier can be successful. I’m not so sure about this product, however. The thing that I get caught up on is keeping the lights on all year round. Sure, they are kind of tucked away when you use eve drop, but they are definitely still visible from certain angles. That just seems tacky to me. So really, this product comes down to how much you care about your lights being up all year.

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