Fairytale Wishes Monster Repellent Spray


Monster Repellent Bubblegum spray keeps scary yucky creatures away.

Did you know that Monsters are terrified of Bubblegum? It gets in their fur and their tentacles and gets really icky. The scent alone scares them away! Just spray the “magic” bubblegum scented spray made from naturally derived ingredients anywhere you think a monster, a bed bug, or anything that goes bump in the night might lurk. And put the fear of monsters to rest.

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2.67 Stars - 3 reviews for Fairytale Wishes Monster Repellent Spray

  1. Karen Smith

    doesn’t work. my sleep paralysis demon still wakes me up at night…0 stars is what we both think, two unhappy customers

  2. John Smith

    I got tired of seeing evil spirits so I sprayed my eye balls and now I’m typing this blind. Will reorder again

  3. Lily

    So sad this didn’t become a thing. I think its the cutest, and as an adult without kids, I still want it.

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