FFTOB's (Firefighter Turnout Bags) top selling bag, the Original Rig Backpack. This bag features 4 large pockets on the front, three secure with Velcro. There is a pocket where the buttons are, this pocket is very spacious, and can easily fit a laptop. Each side of this bag has a pocket, one is a radio pocket and the other is just a simple open side pocket. The inside of this bag has 2 pockets. The straps are adjustable. The zipper is very heavy duty.

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Season 8, Episode 16 Sharks: Lori Greiner Categories: ,

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1.00 Stars - 2 reviews for FFTOB

  1. Joanne shearer

    Has any one thought about the chemicals that this materil has absorbed? The toxins that are absorbed by this materil is not something I would want to wear on my back.

  2. Lanie

    After watching Niki on Shark Tank, I would not buy any product she is involved with. Rude, confrontational, and probably a very difficult person to deal with. Why would Lori do that to herself.

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