FFTOB's (Firefighter Turnout Bags) top selling bag, the Original Rig Backpack. This bag features 4 large pockets on the front, three secure with Velcro. There is a pocket where the buttons are, this pocket is very spacious, and can easily fit a laptop. Each side of this bag has a pocket, one is a radio pocket and the other is just a simple open side pocket. The inside of this bag has 2 pockets. The straps are adjustable. The zipper is very heavy duty.

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Season 8, Episode 16 Sharks: Lori Greiner Categories: ,

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2.33 Stars - 5 reviews for FFTOB

  1. Joanne shearer

    Has any one thought about the chemicals that this materil has absorbed? The toxins that are absorbed by this materil is not something I would want to wear on my back.

  2. Lanie

    After watching Niki on Shark Tank, I would not buy any product she is involved with. Rude, confrontational, and probably a very difficult person to deal with. Why would Lori do that to herself.

  3. Trish

    Just watched the Shark Tank episode. What happened to Lori’s 50/50 investment?

  4. Jasalyn

    Amazing product! For those with the uneducated comments about cleaning, all gear Nikki used werr properly cleaned before being used in the bag creation process. This process, using an extractor, aids in removing harmful particulates from the gear so that it’s safe. It’s sad that she closed down, I thought she had a good business going and with the Sharks backing none the less

  5. Amber McCrea

    Niki was an absolute train wreck on how she talked back to multimillionaires, conveyed herself on National television, and showed her attitude. What I saw from her was not passion for her company, it was terrible marketing and management mistakes, as well as a hot headed female who desires to be top dog. I feel sorry for Lori for going 50/50 with her and having to put up with that awful hateful mess of a woman.

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