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Gameday Couture is a line of women’s licensed sports apparel. The company aims to create more fashionable products than the average licensed sports wear. There is a lot of different pieces, including shirts and blouses in many styles, sweat shirts, sweaters, and accessories. The styles range from simpler attire, to flashy glitters and animal prints. They have secured a variety of recognizable licenses including NCAA and several pro teams. Mark decided to bring his branding knowledge into the fray and made an investment.

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1.74 Stars - 31 reviews for Gameday Couture

  1. Christopher

    I’m kind of torn on Gameday Couture. First, let me say that I don’t really know anything about women’s fashion. I don’t really care about it either. So I’m probably not the best person to write this review. But I’m doing it anyway, so read on at your own peril. As I was saying, I am kind of torn. On one hand, I don’t think women should have to wear something pink, or something glittery in order to support their team. I think they should be able to wear the same stuff the players do (just like men get to). On the other hand, I understand that some women might want something that fits a little better and is a little more fashion forward. And I don’t have a problem with that. I think people should be able to wear what they want, and Gameday Couture creates another option for those who want something a little trendier. I just hope it doesn’t force those women who want to wear the more traditional stuff away from that, either.

  2. Janet Crain

    I am unhappy with this company. At thanksgiving it ran an add that everything was 50% off. Wow. Great deal. I ordered a sweatshirt. It’s too small. I called about exchanging and because it was a sale nothing can be exchanged or returned. This was on my receipt. If I had known I would not have ordered. The lady says it was on the ad but I didn’t see it.

  3. Melissa Allphin

    Cute clothing but it’s so cheaply made. I would give a zero if I could. They don’t refund their items. They will exchange but not refund. Poorly done Mark Cuban!

  4. Lisa Oconnor

    I ordered something two weeks ago and was charged immediately, but it still has not shipped. Their site says they ship in 2 -5 days. When I contacted them to cancel they complied but refused to refund my money. Most reputable stores don’t charge until your order is shipped anyway. I have a bad feeling Im just put the money.

  5. Marissa Calhoun

    I would give zero stars if I could. Customer service is terrible – you have to email them multiple times to maybe get one response that doesn’t even answer your question. They ignore Facebook messages as well.

    Shipping took forever and was poorly communicated.

    The item is very cheaply made. The long sleeve shirt is extremely itchy and I can’t bare to have it on my body longer than 30 seconds. It feels like it’s made of little pieces of fiber glass. Total junk. It’s also very thin, and the logo is much larger than it is on the models shirt and doesn’t look as good.

    They don’t offer refunds or returns for their low quality items, only “exchanges”. Huge disappointment.

  6. Dana Nelson

    Stay away from this site!! They take your money and send nothing! I’m going on almost a month! Will end up disputing with credit card company. They should be closed down. Shark tank should start paying attention to the companies they invest in.

  7. jaime Bowman

    Wish I would have read the reviews before I purchased this shirt. An extremely cheaply made shirt with iron on patches. Also, no returns except for exchange or refund only.

  8. Allison Killough

    I purched my Auburn to top to wear to a specific game. The shipping said 2-5 business days. I allowed 10 business days for it to come in time for the game. It ending up being delivered while I was AT the game! I then was very disappointed at the quality of the team logo. The orange AU is very thin and you can see the navy background coming through. The design is cute busy very disappointed on shipping and quality. I emailed the company 3 times and messaged them on Facebook. They have terrible customer service!

  9. sheila anderson

    They sent me an email August 30 that said my item shipped. It’s now October 1st and no shirt. I have emailed 5 times and no response!

  10. Georgy

    Ordered a shirt 2 months ago and have not received it yet. They charged my credit card the day I placed order. Received a generic email in reply to my inquiry (with transaction number) about status of my order. Out $50. DON’T BUY FROM tHIs company!!!!

  11. Keri Sims

    Rating ZERO!!! VERY POOR SERVICE!! I ordered product 8/27/18 (and have had my money since 8/27), never received, have gone back and forth via email. Refused to credit my CC, and they knew the product was not received by me. 9/10/18 they tell me it has reshipped, and I requested tracking info and never received. 9/21 as I still had no product or updated info so I request a status and am finally sent tracking information stating it was delivered 9/15, but I was traveling and did not receive. I had my post office research and they can’t state that it was actually delivered to my address due to living in a condo association (they provided me with a letter). Email them again on 10/8/18, and get a response they will let me know ASAP, so had to email them again today. Now I am being told basically, sorry we have a POD so they will not reship or credit, but will offer me 30% off if I want to order something else. They have $50 of my money, and I have NOTHING to show for it, and they think I am so stupid to order from them again??? DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

  12. Ashlee

    Love this company! I ordered a shirt last minute, Chelsea went above and beyond to make sure I received my
    my shirt in time! I will be using this company again for cute gameday looks! Thank you!!

  13. Sherry Lavalais

    DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! Sizing is not the same. Bought 3 shirts all the same size. One was extremely large. In attempting a return or exchange discovered that they NEVER refund. To exchange you have to go and purchase what you want on your own dime and they will reimburse you the $ of the original shirt. First shirt was on sale, 2nd was not so “exchange” cost me quite a bit more. I went to return the too large shirt and the post office said they did not have that address in the system. So is it really safe to attempt a return? Will I be out my money and the shirt? Cute clothes but the risk is too high.

  14. Diana Witherwax

    Adorable stuff, but their customer service sucks. They also need people who know what they are doing in the warehouse. I have three orders with three issues that still need to be fixed. Disappointed and once resolved, I won’t ever purchase from them again.

  15. Chelsey

    Apparently they allow you to order clothing but then never ship it. Not sure why on their site they state processing is 1-2 days and shipping is 7-14, because that is not true at all. Good concept, poor execution. They need better employees.

  16. Michael Prather

    Ordered a top for my wife. The site said 7-10 days shipping. After no shipping email was sent 13 days later, I emailed the company. I received an email from Chelsea saying she would personally handle it. Now it has been another 4 days and no further response. I disputed with PayPal and will probably just ask for a PayPal refund. This company has MAJOR PROBLEMS!!!

  17. Jean Q Newman

    Their shipping and return policies are outdated. Delivery should not take 7-10 days or longer on my delivery.
    Also, 30 day return policy is not customer friendly
    Plus the shirt I received did not look like it was pictured.

    Warning – go elsewhere for your team shirts.

  18. Drinda Rawlings

    I wish I had read reviews. I purchased an item that the description said that it was a full cut so I ordered my normal size (M) with that in mind. It was so tight I could not breathe & the arm holes reached the middle of my chest. They would not let me return it bc it was on sale. My objection was not to the sale rules, but the fact that the description was completely misleading. The kept saying they would make it right but never did. Terrible company.

  19. Jaim

    I have never ordered from this site because I have always been skeptical about the quality of clothing they make and reading the reviews I was right not to ever order anything. I’ve seen a bunch of Live videos from the two models and when they up one of their clothing items or even model what they have on it always look 5 sizes too big. I shouldn’t have to order a sweater and have to tuck it in in order to make it look “cute” or because its too big to wear out. Thank you to everyone who left a review, i’m glad I read these because I was close to ordering off of their new clothing line SOHO and it looks like its the same thing. Buyer Beware!

  20. Diane Kirwan

    I got my shirt in a timely fashion. I like the shirt. My only regret is that it recks of cigarette smoke!

  21. linda cassels hofmann

    After spending all day getting the run around about my online order from one website, which I received a paypal receipt from a company that didn’t exist, I was rerouted to fanatics, who informed me my order was from a vendor and they didn’t have a contact number. I did find out the vendor was gameday coutour. There is no contact info for them I can find. I just want a refund, but nobody knows who is responsible. Buyer beware

  22. Stacey

    I love this brand! Their stuff is so cute!

  23. Morgan

    I ordered as a gift and then loved it so I ordered for myself. I really appreciate the help I got from Sherrie with my order so was so sweet!

  24. Stacey

    I’m not sure why everyone has issues. I’ve had no problem with this company! Ordered multiple times! Maybe don’t shop online?

  25. Rachel M

    This company is the absolute worst. I’ve filed a BBB complaint. Weeks after ordering my item (and it was supposed to be shipped in 2-5 days) I emailed and called several times about cancelling the order. They already charged me for the item and wouldn’t cancel it even though I bought a shirt from another store because I needed one for a football game. Don’t order from here if you value getting clothes that you purchased.

  26. Laura

    Terrible company. Misleading on their website. Has been 3 weeks and still nothing. Stated that they “make” the shirts when ordered and they are way behind. Don’t do business with this company.

  27. Jodi

    Ordered two Christmas sweatshirts on Dec 7 thinking they would arrive in plenty of time for me to wear the week of Christmas. I teach Pilates and wanted to wear them while teaching. Well, today is Tuesday Dec 20. They are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. So. I have already missed out on 3 days of the week. After reading these reviews, I completely regret ordering from them. Who takes 14 days to deliver a product being sent to the US and shipping from the US these days? I had an international ETSY order that was faster than this. Ridiculous!

  28. Mary

    I ordered a women’s t-shirt at Thanksgiving on the 50% off sale. I instead received a child’s sweatshirt. They would never answer me when I asked when I would get the product I ordered. The customer service was awful; one word answers from the same person, “Samantha” who I am guessing is just the fake name they all use. Finally after days of emailing & contacting them on their site they finally responded saying I’d have to just place a new order, but I wouldn’t get the same sale price I originally ordered the product at, even though they botched my order! Who treats customers like that?! And I was a repeat customer who gave them a lot of business!

  29. KariOU

    I ordered 4 shirts, all in the same size. When I received them, they all were extremely large, the sleeves were a good 6-8inches past my fingers, the hem hung past my groin and the stitching on the arms, normally by the armpits, was down to my elbows. I logged into their website to get a refund and send back and the only option was exchange or store credit. After seeing how the sizing is and the quality of the clothes is NOTHING like the pictures, I wanted a refund. I emailed them for days with no response and even called both phone numbers I found and only received the recording that all operators were busy. Finally after looking at reviews, which I should have done before ordering, came across the BBB website. I noticed BBB was able to help a lot of disgruntled customers. Before I filed my report, I sent 1 more email letting them know I’m filing a complaint, no response, so I filed a complaint with BBB.****Within 3 hours of filing my complaint with BBB, I had received an email AND a phone call letting me know they were refunding me my money. ****STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY OR IF YOU DON’T GET AN ANSWER, FILE A COMPLAINT WITH BBB****

  30. ACB

    Of course, the quality/look of the shirt advertised was completely different from what I received. The shirt was way too pricey to look so cheap!

    The vendor only offers exchanges & according to a review that wasn’t even an option on a sales item! …thinking… SAME ITEM JUST A DIFFERENT SIZE?!?

    Nonetheless, consumers want to feel valued & appreciated. Apparently this vendor feels differently! Why would I want to exchange something that was falsely advertised in hopes of it not happening with the next item???

    NO THANK YOU ON THE EXCHANGE, money loss, & lessoned learned. I definitely do not recommend.

  31. Lucy

    I bought a mock neck sweatshirt advertised as cream-colored with white sleeves. A sweatshirt arrived that was totally white. No explanation or notice that what was posted on the website would be a totally different colour.
    Also the size small was so big I could fit another person in there comfortably.
    Avoiding everything from this store. I don’t trust their photos and I don’t trust their sizing.

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