Heart Pup bills itself as the world’s best dog carrier. It’s basically a papoose for tiny dogs. There are pockets to store your phone, wallet, and keys and there’s an internal clip where you can secure your dog’s collar. The entrepreneur, Anastasia, invented the product when she wanted to bring her dog to class in law school. Like it’s a totally normal thing to want to do.

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2.47 Stars - 24 reviews for HeartPup

  1. Kate S. Smith

    Quite a disappointment after being on SharkTank. The item took over three months to ship. The customer service was rude. The product was inferior . There are many customer still waiting for their product their money collected at the moment of sale yet months pass and still no product . The seller has lots of emails begging us to be patient yet she keeps taking orders when she can’t keep up or deliver a quality.

  2. regina turner

    I was looking forward to this carrier for my new pup. I placed the order 1/29/15 and the funds were immediately taken from my account. A few days later I receive an email telling me it could take up to 8 weeks to ship as opposed to the 2 weeks still stated on the website. After 9 weeks I requested a refund if it could not ship within a week. They immediately sent a carrier in the wrong color and size. After returning it and requesting a refund, I can not get a response. I have a complaint in with the AG and the BBB as well as Daymond John. Horrible experience!! Several others complain of similar problems.

  3. Sandra Gubitose

    Received my HeartPup after 4 months (yes – they took my funds back in January); it arrived damaged. Returned the product, and still waiting … and waiting … for it to come back (just needed a new clip. I was told it would be repaired and returned immediately (that was 3 weeks ago). You would think they would spend the $5.00 to express ship it back to me (“if it fits, it ships”)! I was basically told that I should be patient since I received the discounted “Shark Tank” price. I went from loving and needing this product and I “had to have it” when it aired, to dreading the experience so much I’m not sure if I ever really want to use it. I can’t wait to get it back and see if its worth the wait. I wonder where Daymond John is … maybe he walked away from this one?! It doesn’t seem like he would allow a company to be run like this. Tired of the excuses – the company problems and growth issues aren’t the customer problems. Get more help, put your big girl panties on and deal with it!


    I placed an order on 01/27/2015 they took my money out of account on the 01/28/2015 now I can`t get them to answer to my phone calls or Email.

  5. Tammy s

    I waited 4 months, then filed a dispute with my credit card.
    I tried MANY times to reach them by Phone and email. They did send me some random emails promising soon and a free collar for the delay.
    The day after dispute was filed I got a email advising me it had been shipped and to please cancel my dispute.
    A few days later it arrived.
    A total complete disappointment :
    None of edges were finished looked like it was ripped not even cut all frayed and uneven
    My dogs only 6lbs I question if this bag is safe to hold her.
    It doesn’t even really look like any of the ones in the pictures
    Certainly not cashmere more like a scratchy black burlap
    They forgot to put a pocket on it
    The logo is only partially sewn on and very crooked
    I ordered the large unisex It’s more like an xxsmall.
    They did not include the free collar ( I didn’t care I just wanted my cashmere dog bag)
    Bottom line: I would be ashamed to carry my dog in this.
    Don’t waste your money

  6. Danielle Westcott

    My worse shopping experience EVER !!!! What a joke and how shameless this woman Anastasia is. A total looser who cannot admit she has failed her business and her customers. Heartpup is a BIG MESS and I am surprised it is not already shutdown. The product is not even good enough to be sold at K-mart. Extremely poor fabric quality, extremely poor workmanship, poor design, inexistent customer service, a total disaster. $138.00 for these pieces of crap that belong in the garbage can; you have to wait 3-4 months after they have taken your money, and then you get the wrong color and wrong size, A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE !!!
    Come on SHARKTANK !!! Why do you waste your money on somebody who knows nothing about running a business and who is a total scam ??? I thought you were looking for unique products and ideas to sink your teeth into. Dog slings .. Really ???? Heartpup ???? WHY ???

  7. Kim Timko

    Bad product and very bad service. HeartPup was not ready to go with their business and should not have taken / be taking orders.

    The product is poorly made, no edging or hemming, odd parts where pieces are sewn together, material folded and sewn in such a way that the thick seams from the “under” side of the fabric are part of the outside finished product–very odd. Also, the sizing is WAY off. They promoted they could custom-size if you sent measurements. The sling they sent me was at least 2 to 3 sizes off.

    Worst service…seller doesn’t communicate…very difficult to get answers via e-mail and can never get anyone on the phone.

    I purchased this sling on February 2, 2015. The site noted that the order could take 2 to 8 weeks because “they had so many orders after the Shark Tank airing.” After 9 weeks and no communication from HeartPup, I e-mailed them to ask where my order was. They said they were having production problems and asked for patience. About 1 month later, they sent a general e-mail offering a free collar or another sling at cost to apologize for the long wait. They said that the new ship date was near the end of May. When that date came and went, I e-mailed them again to ask where my order was. They replied about a week later to say that the order was shipped. I received my order on June 12…more than 4 months after placing my order and after they took my money (they charged my credit card upon my order).

    The day I received my order, I e-mailed HeartPup to say I wanted to return the sling because it did no fit and because I was not happy with the quality. In the month and a half since June 12 (today is July 20), I’ve sent a couple of e-mails and left a couple of messages on their voicemail but they’ve not replied. This is clearly a company that is not ready for business and should not be in business at this time. I paid approximately $60 for this sling but I see that HeartPup’s normal price is about $138. That price is unbelievable. I would not pay $10 for this product, never mind $138!

    Buyer beware. I’ve seen that other reviewers have filed compliants with the Better Business Bureau and other similar organizations. I was considering the same but didn’t want to slam this new company too hard but, at this point, after no replies to my many requests to return the product, I’m done and will file formal complaints.

  8. Kim Timko

    Update: filed complaint with Better Business Bureau today. There have been 9 complaints about HeartPup filed with the BBB in total in 2015. As a result, the BBB has given them an “F” rating. Complaints mirror the words of all these negative reviews on this site. Filing a claim was easy and I’d encourage all those with grievances that have gone unanswered to file a claim as well. For the records, as of today, I’ve sent 5+ e-mails and left 5+ voicemails…all of which have gone unanswered…over a 1 1/2 month period! These people were and are not ready for this business and someone official needs to shut them down because they’re taking people’s money and “disappearing.”

  9. regina turner

    update: After filing a complaint to the California Attorney General and the BBB, Heartpup responded stating they would think about refunding my money if I retracted all negative statements. Obviously I didn’t trust them. I challenged the charge with my credit card company and was reimbursed by Wells Fargo. After receiving my money, I received an email from Heartpup telling me that they refunded my money to my paypal acct. I don’t have a paypal acct. They also proceeded to tell me how none of this was their fault. It was the factory, Shark Tank’s, Damond John’s, the customer’s, and mine. BBB will not shut them down but if more complaints came into the CA AG there would be, at least, a review. The best way to get a refund is from your credit card company, but be sure to have all the facts when you call them.

  10. Amy in Houston

    Also the same problem, first one size was xxs
    I returned and when they didn’t ship I asked for a refund. She said no since the dog was in it. Literally any excuse she can give to not give you the money. She asked me to be patient and after 4 months I filed a dispute . She shipped an inferior product with no pocket half lined and tag crooked. She does not admit fault. Always someone else’s fault.

  11. Deborah

    Well, I was dead set on purchasing one after I saw it on a Shark Tank re-run (apparently—I can’t imagine why they would show this segment again!) Something told me to search for reviews of this product and WOW, am I glad I did ! I feel sorry for those of you who have written the above reviews, I truly hope you receive due compensation. Thank you for taking the time to inform those of us who might have unwaringly given our $$$ to this very poor product and an even moreso poorly run company. How can Daymond John allow this to happen ???!!! I hope each and every one of you are able to get your money back. Send your comments on to Daymond John, let him know about your experience.

  12. Marilyn Reames

    Absolutely HORRIFIC ‘business’. Was so excited to order one after seeing it on Shark Tank. Weeks and weeks passed with no product! Emailed repeatedly and got promises of immediately delivery. Total lies and excuses. Thank God I used Pay Pal and had a recourse for recouping my money. Have a few days to see funds back in my account. Apparently, if these idiots are bankrupt, my money will have to come from another insured fund from Pay Pal.
    Do NOT order one of these if you value your money and time!!!!

  13. Bri

    I would give 0 stars if I could. I ordered this in October of 2015. After waiting for 2 months, I emailed requesting where my dog slings were. I then received a false shipping confirmation in December. After waiting a little longer, I email, call, etc. to receive another shipping confirmation in February. I receive the slings in February and to say the slings I received were garbage is an understatement. One of them was too small and completely unfinished. They just cut a piece of fabric and did not even see the edges! I spent over $100 on these! I emailed and called again for an exchange, but at that point Heartpup refused to respond. I contacted my credit card company and successfully won a chargeback in March. I thought it was over. However, Heartpup now must be short on slings because the other day (the end of May) they said they need these slings back from me or they will send me to collections! Besides the fact that this is absolutely disgusting, the fact that they are threatening me due solely because they provided no customer service is just disgraceful. Do NOT buy from Heartpup! I ended up buying the same type of dog sling from a seller on Etsy. She was a joy to work with and I actually have a useful product!

  14. Alison

    I ordered this dog sling a week ago and after reading the former reviews was not too sure of what to expect. The sling is wonderful! It came within 6 days. I had a question about which one to get and emailed Dasha. She called me within the hour and answered all my questions. Excellent customer service. I love this sling. it is comfortable and well made. I think all of the earlier problems were due to the huge number of orders in the beginning. Now that time has passed there is no problem. I highly recommend this sling.

  15. Jamie H.

    I don’t normally leave reviews unless I just can’t help myself. I love this sling and feel it must be the best one out there. I have a 7LB Pomeranian and I’m pretty average size I guess. I was flexible on color and gave my height and weight as well as the weight of my dog. I ordered two since I emailed customer service ahead of time and was told these are in stock in my size. They were two different types of cotton in red and grey since I wanted one for home and work. I love the side pocket for my stuff so I can just throw my phone and Keyes in when I go on walks with Foxy. The harness clip which keeps my pup more secure in the sling, makes me more relaxed bending over etc. I was told their patented design of two straps, would be much more comfortable on the shoulders and indeed it was. I got a response within a few days and received the slings that same week. Had no issues at all. I wouldn’t only recommend but I actually told like all my dog friends haha. It’s been a life saver for me.

  16. Sheila T.

    This company is great. I came by them in late 2016 on Instagram… My friend tagged them. I got my first sling. I wore it every single day with my little dog drink it… She never falls out of it and has a hook in which it locks the harness in. My first one is gray and I love it so much that I also got a navy blue one… Both times I got the product very quickly with no issues what so ever. I was looking into the company and was very surprised to see anyone at all had a negative experience. Perhaps that was long ago. Writing this review in 2017 and as of now I can say that I am super impressed with the high quality and durability as well as the unique and attentive service. One with a small dog especially one that is old can benefit from this product .

  17. Denise Mitchell

    i plaecd my order finally got it i ddnt really look at it like i shld have but i look used and badly made i even tried to ask to return it and pay the dofference for a better one no respnse not a word i feel rioped off the 80 bucks i paid does not equal the junk i got it did seem to be new so im very disappointed and i feel i got jipped this grl needs to be stopped i wil file more complaints shame on u

  18. Sierra A. Martin

    Thank you so much for the amazing customer service! I ordered mine and emailed them to find out what was in stock because I needed to get it immediately! Dosha went above and beyond in doing everything it took to get it overnighted to me so I could take it with me! I did read the reviews thankfully after I was wearing it!lol because obviously they have come a long way from the early Shark Tank days where I suspect they just may have had to many order to quickly! Thank you for my experience my sweetheart Gieselle and I will send you photos shortly!❤️

  19. Steven

    Best customer service I have experienced. You can tell they really care about their customers.

    Got an email reply right away. Went over all the customization with me in detail because I forgot to include it in the notes.

    Even offered me a free matching body dog harness just because I was flexible on color. The harness isn’t cheap. My dog wears it all day since it is made from cotton and comfy.

    Ya it’s a bit pricey but the fabric isn’t cheap. They actually adjusted it one size up for me by hand which I can imagine isn’t easy. Plus I had another sling in wool previously from their Shark Tank days that is still in good condition years later so it’s actually cheap if you think about it.

    I remember them telling me that the shark tank factory took the money and they struggled to fill an overwhelming amount of orders out of pocket to not abandon their customers. That’s sad because you would think a big tv show like that would be more honorable but I guess their is a side to everything and people shouldn’t be so quick to assume. Seems the reviews are same few people back from that time so makes sense.

    All real current reviews are great. I normally don’t bother but felt this needed to be cleared up here.

  20. Nel

    This is a great carry sling for my pup. She weighs 7 lbs and loves being in it. Having the safety clip in the bag is a great addition. So far I only have one sling bag, may purchase another soon for travel and excursions. Super comfortable for the human as well as my pup.

  21. Jonathan Strobel

    I have had numerous orders canceled because they told me I am annoying and harassing them because I had questions about the product before I placed my my order. Now they blocked me from their email and social media accounts and I have no way of contacting them!!! I am going to be contacting the Better Business Bureau. If I could give negative 5 stars I would. I tried reaching out to Damon John on Twitter but I have not gotten any response

  22. KimFor a product that is supposed to be ergonomically designed, it hangs incredibly low and is extremely uncomfortable, despite the above mentioned alterations that were supposed to shorten the links.

    Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had purchasing anything for my dog! As others have stated, it took forever to get my item and the item that I received was not the item that I had ordered. I had tried to correspond with the company in regards to this and never got a response. Extremely rude and horrible customer service. I ended up with a forest green dog sling that they altered using white thread, which looks ridiculous. They clearly have zero value for their customers and do not deserve your money. Super overpriced, inferior product. For a product that is supposed to be ergonomically designed, it hangs incredibly low and is extremely uncomfortable, despite the above mentioned alterations that were supposed to shorten the length. What a waste of $140. Their return policy is extremely poor, so be prepared to keep the sling whether you want to or not.

  23. Deb

    I ordered a sling. I gave me height, weight as well as the weight of my 4 pound Chihuahua. I’m only 5’2”. I was sent a large. The sling with my dog hangs down to my thigh. I called and left a message. I sent an email.
    The reply I received was, I’m going on vacation for a week or two. I will contact you when I get back please send a picture. I sent a picture. After waiting a week and a half I sent another email asking if someone could contact me so I could exchange for a small and left another message. Have not heard back. This sling is expensive! All I am asking for is an exchange.
    I will let everyone know if they get ahold of me in the next week.

  24. Deb

    I just received a call and the customer service was great!! They are resending a new one today.

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