Hold Your Haunches


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1.00 Stars - 2 reviews for Hold Your Haunches

  1. J

    I purchased these through the website and since I currently wear a size 16 in pants I took their suggested size and ordered an XL. Yeah I had to fight to get them on and it did nothing but create more weirdness in my belly area. But I thought ‘maybe one size up would do the trick’ because I REALLY wanted them to work! Ordered a 2XL. Still super tight and it created more of a muffin top than I actually even have. And if I had to go potty in a rush that was NOT happening with these pants. I don’t have time to spend 30 minutes putting on my leggings.
    I’m not surprised these don’t work for women who are overweight and actually need them, the women who invented them and all the pictures on their website are skinny women who might have a tiny bit of flab around their legs, butt, or tummy area. I think if they are not going to actually help a person who wears a 2XL then don’t make that large of a size. And their return policy is ridiculous –7 day return policy. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!

  2. Robin Thompson

    Ridiculously overpriced and uncomfortable. Going to the bathroom while wearing these is an exercise in patience ..sweat and strength. Do yourself a favor and buy a cheap pair of leggings from target..they’ll fit better and you’ll have more cash in your pocket!!

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