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Jungle Jumparoo is a kid-focused product that combines two childhood favorites—the jungle gym and the trampoline. Essentially, the Jumparoo is large, black tractor-tire inner tube, with a colorful metal jungle gym in the center. The inner tube is bouncy, like a trampoline, but doesn’t allow for the super-high bounces that can be dangerous. Kids can swing, climb, and jump throughout the whole apparatus, and the set-up can include a small trapeze for additional swinging. It can be used inside or outside and comes in a small or larger size. The Jumparoo was invented by a farmer for his kids to play on, and he later sold them around the neighborhood. The founders of Jumparoo grew up playing with the toy, and recently decided to go into business selling them nationwide. Despite an interesting product and a promising pitch, none of the sharks chose to jump in on this product.

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3.00 Stars - 1 review for Jungle JumpaRoo

  1. Christopher

    This product is pretty difficult for me to get a read on. I, as an adult, don’t think I would very much enjoy playing on a Jumparoo, but I am definitely outside the target demographic. For a child, probably 4-7 years old, I think they would have a lot of fun. The inner tube looks very bouncy and fun, and seems like a better alternative (especially for young kids) to more dangerous trampolines. The jungle gym portion seems fun, too—plenty of room for swinging and climbing. The design for the most part is attractive, but the inner tube looks kind of unfinished. It’s just a plain black tube, really, and I think it would get quite hot in the sun. A paint job on the tube would make the whole package look nicer, and probably cut down on the heat a little. Although the entrepreneurs pitched it as an inside or outside toy, I don’t really see letting my (theoretical) kids bounce around the living room anytime soon. That being said, I like active toys and I think this is something I would have really enjoyed as a kid.

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