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Kitchen Safe is a clear plastic kitchen container with an electronic locking lid. The Kitchen Safe is designed to teach good habits. Fill the safe with the offending item, set the safe timer for the number of minutes, hours, or days you want to lock it, and keep yourself from digging in. Although it is called Kitchen Safe, the container can really be used for anything you want to keep yourself from—credit cards, cell phones, cigarettes, anything. When the timer is up, the lid unlocks, allowing you to enjoy whatever you have locked inside. Lori and guest shark Nick Woodman saw the value in Kitchen Safe and invested.

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4.50 Stars - 2 reviews for Kitchen Safe

  1. Christopher

    Kitchen Safe is a very smart product. Everyone deals with temptation on a day to day basis. Whether it be junk food, or TV, or other distractions, there are always those temptations we wish we could control. With Kitchen Safe, that is definitely possible. It’s a simple premise really. All that this product really adds is ease by making the lock digital. My biggest concern is that there is no override. While this is good in many ways (no cheating on your part), I wonder about some of the ramifications. What happens if your kid locks your keys in the safe and sets the timer to five days? Some sort of emergency override would probably be positive. Overall though, a smart, well executed product.

  2. Ruth Winters

    This can be used for so many things! Like putting a child’s favorite toy in “time out”….or my 16 year-old’s phone when she is grounded from it. Or take it to work to protect your snacks from poachers. Stash some money in it when you have to save it, not spend it.

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