Kymera Electric Jet Body Board


Each BODY BOARD includes:

1 Body Board
1 Standard Kymera Battery (1.6kwh)
1 Battery Transport Case
1 Fast Charger – 2 hour
1 Padded Carrying Bag
1 Year Warranty*

The Kymera Battery is interchangeable between all of our products and can be used in the Body Board, Personal Watercraft, Kayak, and Surf Board.

Up To 20 MPH
Board Weight: 46lbs,
Battery: 24lbs
Battery: 1-2hrs per charge
Dimensions: 81in x 32in x 12in

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3.50 Stars - 25 reviews for Kymera Electric Jet Body Board

  1. Donna Glassberg

    After owning a Jet ski for 15 years we were so excited to purchase 2 of these boards. We were proud to become the owners of two electric water toys built in the USA. I envisioned telling our large network of friends who spend the summer days by different lakes all about this company from the US that we expected to be customer friendly, fair and honest. After using one board for a total of 3 times approx 20 min each time we got stranded in the lake. The second one we used for about 4 times again for about 20 or 30 min each time and again got stranded. Both times we had to be rescued by a boat owner. I emailed and got a quick response which was greatly appreciated since I was so disappointed, frustrated and helpless having both boards not working. One seemed to be the battery didn’t shut off the other the battery seemed ok but the board was having an issue where it powered up with 1 beep as opposed to the normal little song. After trying to follow the step by step how to reprogram the board per Adam/Jason’s directions nothing changed. These headaches and heartaches got worse each time I emailed Adam/Jason they kept making excuses and trying to blame me of misuse while offering me a new and stronger battery for no extra charge. The boards are either a product not ready to be sold or just poorly engineered and to fragile for two responsible boat owners who were gently using them on a small lake.
    I have never purchased an expensive product where they couldn’t/wouldn’t tell me the shipping fees before I ordered the product. Not have their policies of a supposed no return posted on their site as well as not on the receipt of the product. Never felt like I was a valued customer. I have lost all confidence in the business and I wish I had read the few reviews on the BBB before I got excited from seeing them on shark tank and bought. I thought with one of the sharks backing the company that they would be able to run the business like a real business. The customer is always right and their thoughts and experiences matter. Please learn from my mistakes.

  2. Joe Hamilton

    This board is absolute junk and took my money. I got one after a couple months of saving from doing summer jobs out of school and some help from dad. I was exited to spend more time by the lake with my friends. well this electric board worked about 9 times then stopped working and would not turn on anymore. My dad phoned the company and they would not fix it. almost $3900 gone :(

  3. Adam M

    Mr. Hamilton,

    We have not received any phone calls or emails from you or your father. We have looked into our database and we have no purchases from customers with the last name Hamilton, otherwise we would try to reach out to you.

    You can email me directly at [email protected]. Additionally our phone number is 844 4-KYMERA. If you leave a message we call all our customers back within 2 business days, but if you email me directly, I will call the same day (regardless of the time).

  4. Terry

    Why are you people selling something that’s 4k …and is not reliable? And why are people buying it ..because the shark tank clowns said it’s a good investment lol! !!I’d like to buy’s a good idea….make it better, I will buy! PUT something good out in the market so people can buy and enjoy.

  5. Barry Jenkins

    I love my Kymera! It’s orange and really stands out :) Where I live I get to use it all the time, and my kids love it even more than I do! It’s so easy to ride, everyone always wants a go. I’ve never had a problem with either the board or the company. I’ve found that as long as I look after it and hose it down after riding it, I don’t have any issues at all. My mate broke his Kymera by smashing it through the waves and then left it sitting in his shed full of salt water for a couple of months. He’s an idiot.

  6. KarMer

    I am very interested in this product! Is this in retail or online only?

  7. Joseph Galebach

    With 70+ reviews here lets see a real review, 2018 I purchased my green kymera bodyboard and I enjoy it almost every week on the lakes/ streams of Pennsylvania.
    The owners/ management of kymera have been outstanding with top notch customer service and support when I need assistance ie: an additional battery, two is just the way to go or a spare part or two or servicing questions, they have videos available on YouTube for that.

    If your looking for an affordable American made environmentally friendly electric 20mph bodyboard this is the way to go.

    Thank you kymera for providing such a fun product for the water!!

  8. Eric Starmer

    I’ve had my Kymera for 3 years now , and use it on the Columbia River in Oregon on fairly calm days (it can get very choppy here). It’s a lot of fun, and in general has been quite reliable – I have occasional problems where the motor cuts in/out for a second or two for some reason, but not that big a deal. I’m a windsurfer, and it’s great to be able to get on the water when there’s little or no wind. Considering that electric surfboards and efoils cost $8000 to $12000, I think the Kymera is very fairly priced.

  9. Emiliano Zappino

    sarei interessato all’acquisto di Kymera, attendo info su prezzo e spedizione verso l’Italia.


    Emiliano Zappino

  10. Robert Jahnke

    These were advertised for $49 each.
    Is this a scam
    I have bought 4

  11. ROB

    Robert, these are and they are $4,000. Facebook won’t stop the scammers from posting fake ads. File a cc dispute immediately.

  12. Kate

    DO NOT waste your money on Kymera Jet Boards, or any Kymera product at all. Not only are the boards very poorly made and break easily, dealing with Adam M is a nightmare. He the most unresponsive, unethical and unprofessional CEO of any company. Spend you money on their competitors, it will save you alot of money on repairs and dealing with this amateur company.

  13. Adam M

    Responding to Kate:

    It is disheartening to hear complaints like this.

    – First off, I am not the CEO of the company.
    – Secondly, comments like “most unresponsive” are flat out not true. Anyone that purchases our product, and/or contacts us, is given my email and cell phone personally. I can be reached 24/7. So, for anyone that has any direct questions, can reach me at [email protected]. Or can call us at 844-4-KYMERA. Once we receive a call, I provide my direct cell phone number. Saying unethical, unprofessional is not true. We have appeared on Shark Tank TWICE, we have appeared on CBS’s Innovation Nation, We have appeared on BattleBots on the Discovery Channel, Fox, HawaiiNews, the list goes on. These companies have a vetting process and if we treated customers (both current or prospective), we would not be on tv like we are.
    – Third, please take any negative comments with a grain of salt. It can be a competitor bashing us to make themselves look better in reviews, can be someone that is attempting to buy from us internationally (which we do not ship to countries not on our find a dealer list as there is no way for us to warranty/service our product), etc.
    – Last, for anyone that purchases from us in the United States, we have an easy repair/warranty process. If something goes wrong, you take it to an airport that Southwest Airlines or American Airlines services and drop it off. Within 2 days we get it back and in most cases we can have it back within 2 days.

    If you have any questions about our company, you can email me directly at [email protected]

    Thank you for your time.

  14. Weinland

    I purchased a few used boards from a distributor with the intention of starting a little business. Because of the condition, I had to purchase new motors, batteries, and eboxes for the boards. I was still struggling with the boards. I contacted Kymera directly and they offered to upgrade the boards and repair what needed repairing. I was even offered the opportunity to attend training at their facility. My business partner and I took up the offer, as a result, we were taught by Jason the normal functionality of each component of the board, how to diagnose, repair, and how to maintain a bodyboard.
    We are now in a better position to run a successful business.
    In my experiences I found them to be prompt in responding to my queries via email.

  15. Luciano alves


  16. Abdelali houdoe

    I did not understand what is happening here. Is it a scam? I united the advertisement in the Netherlands, one for 209 euros, and they reduced 70 percent today. I paid 50 euros and I don’t know what awaits me.. Is there another payment, or will I complain about the expected fraud? They demanded to pay

  17. Adam

    Abdelali, these are and are $4,299+. You will not receive our boards as we are the only manufacturer. File a paypal or credit card dispute.

  18. Sss

    Never receive….. payé pour deux mais jamais reçu 🤬🤬🤬

  19. Adam

    Sss, you never purchased from us. If you purchased from a Facebook or ig ad, that is a scam. Our boards are sold at and are $4,399 and we are the only sellers along with our listed retailers. Please note, file a dispute with your cc company if you bought off an ad for $49. We have tried to have fb remove the ads but they will not.

  20. Michael

    I definitely gotta order me one of these boards for this summer everything u buy can malfunction at anytime that doesn’t mean it’s a rip off period that’s why ppl need to learn to solder and atleast learn a few things if your going to own a water craft electricity and water isn’t a good mixture anyways so if you choose to purchase it’s your choice

  21. Mary halpin

    I got a shopping bag. Took a month to get here. Screw Tanakale

  22. B

    Cancelled my order months ago and still haven’t received my refund back on my card…. DEFINITELY A HUGE SCAM – FACEBOOK SHOULD BLOCK THEM!

  23. Fernando fangueiro de Jesús

    Pues yo sí que he comprado dos tablas hace unos cuantos meses y todavía ni me han llegado las tablas ni me han devuelto el dinero

  24. garry

    Très déçu charger a 95% On met les Gaz en moins de 1 minutes Le body bord S’arrête Systématiquement En étant En change de 95 %

  25. Phillip Koeckritz

    ★★★★★ I can’t say enough good things about Kymera Body Boards, especially thanks to Jason Woods, their outstanding customer service agent! Recently, I faced a serious issue with my board’s battery, and Jason came to the rescue by overseeing its rebuilding and balancing, all at a very reasonable cost. For just a couple hundred dollars, he ensured my board was back to peak performance. What truly impressed me was Jason’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Not only did he fix the immediate problem, but he also provided me with several instructional videos on how to properly maintain my beloved body board, which has endured years of rough handling yet still performs like a champ. I also purchased the grease gun with the recommended Lock in Lube attachment, which Jason suggested for my board. Let me tell you, it has made a world of difference! I highly recommend every Kymera owner invest in this tool—it has significantly improved the performance and durability of my board. Throughout the entire process, Jason maintained clear and effective communication with me, exchanging over 20 emails to ensure I understood every step of the repair and maintenance process. He even included his colleague Adam in the loop to provide comprehensive explanations. At one point, I considered purchasing an off-brand battery, but Jason patiently explained why this wouldn’t work and guided me towards the right solution. I am beyond satisfied with the service and support I received from Jason Woods and Kymera Body Boards. Their dedication to their customers is exemplary, and their products are top-notch. If you’re looking for a high-quality body board backed by exceptional customer service, look no further than Kymera. Thank you, Jason, and the entire team, for your outstanding assistance! Feel free to text first then call me anytime for verification of this review. Phillip 269-716-1639

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