Kymera Electric Jet Body Board


Each BODY BOARD includes:

1 Body Board
1 Standard Kymera Battery (1.6kwh)
1 Battery Transport Case
1 Fast Charger – 2 hour
1 Padded Carrying Bag
1 Year Warranty*

The Kymera Battery is interchangeable between all of our products and can be used in the Body Board, Personal Watercraft, Kayak, and Surf Board.

Up To 20 MPH
Board Weight: 46lbs,
Battery: 24lbs
Battery: 1-2hrs per charge
Dimensions: 81in x 32in x 12in

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1.00 Stars - 1 review for Kymera Electric Jet Body Board

  1. Donna Glassberg

    After owning a Jet ski for 15 years we were so excited to purchase 2 of these boards. We were proud to become the owners of two electric water toys built in the USA. I envisioned telling our large network of friends who spend the summer days by different lakes all about this company from the US that we expected to be customer friendly, fair and honest. After using one board for a total of 3 times approx 20 min each time we got stranded in the lake. The second one we used for about 4 times again for about 20 or 30 min each time and again got stranded. Both times we had to be rescued by a boat owner. I emailed and got a quick response which was greatly appreciated since I was so disappointed, frustrated and helpless having both boards not working. One seemed to be the battery didn’t shut off the other the battery seemed ok but the board was having an issue where it powered up with 1 beep as opposed to the normal little song. After trying to follow the step by step how to reprogram the board per Adam/Jason’s directions nothing changed. These headaches and heartaches got worse each time I emailed Adam/Jason they kept making excuses and trying to blame me of misuse while offering me a new and stronger battery for no extra charge. The boards are either a product not ready to be sold or just poorly engineered and to fragile for two responsible boat owners who were gently using them on a small lake.
    I have never purchased an expensive product where they couldn’t/wouldn’t tell me the shipping fees before I ordered the product. Not have their policies of a supposed no return posted on their site as well as not on the receipt of the product. Never felt like I was a valued customer. I have lost all confidence in the business and I wish I had read the few reviews on the BBB before I got excited from seeing them on shark tank and bought. I thought with one of the sharks backing the company that they would be able to run the business like a real business. The customer is always right and their thoughts and experiences matter. Please learn from my mistakes.

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