Lace Your Face


Dermovia combines proprietary and patented technologies to deliver superior clinical-grade facial masks using active, naturally-derived ingredients. Learn why the beauty industry is raving about our masks.

A propietary blend of high performance wearable compression fabric embedded with beneficial treatment solution for the skin that pushes active ingredients through all layers of the skin.

Our lace masks are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and 100% chemical-free.

Each pouch contains enough serum for a second use.

Each mask is subjected to a double Ethylene Oxide sterilization process that keeps it antimicrobrial.

All formulas are infused with advanced, clinical-grade ingredients for long lasting benefits and results.

We have the confidence to stand by our products as time and time again they have produced previously unattainable results for our clients! These are real photos, of real people, these before-and-after pictures have not been retouched.

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