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Above Ground Storm Shelter Solutions Without Sacrificing Space

The Vortex Vault Tornado Shelter Bed is an innovative new technology that allows for in-home protection from severe weather without sacrificing and additional space in your home. It is manufactured in Oklahoma but available throughout the United States via a dealer network. The storm shelter bed allows many advantages over traditional in-ground and above ground shelters and can be moved to different rooms or moved to a new home when you move. It is also the perfect solution for wheelchair and mobility scooter users as well as those with limited mobility as they can easily access the shelter without the danger of accessing steps of a traditional in ground shelter. The bed lift system also acts as high low option allowing for easier transfers back and forth from the bed to a wheelchair.

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1.00 Stars - 3 reviews for Life Lift Systems

  1. Steven McMillan

    Good concept lifting system is a bad design vault is stuck up for the second time and can’t get anyone to answer the phone called OKC chamber of commerce and their phone has been ringing off the hook. So much for bob stoops and mark Cuban endorsing this product

  2. Beth Evensen

    Terrible service. The system was installed January 2021. I purchased a warranty on it. Total cost $9,300. During a tornado warning I couldn’t place one of the inside pins that keeps the system from collapsing because the system was no longer in alignment. I have tried to contact the company since January with no response. I was putting a complaint into the Better Business Bureau and learned that others have had misalignment issues with no response from the company. I don’t feel safe using a system that could collapse under pressure. Because of the misalignment, the doors are hard to open and I could get stuck in there. I rate it zero.

  3. E. Gate

    Having issues with the system and can’t get any service. Have been trying to contact for a month and no return calls. Terrible customer service. If tornado hits, I have no protection as the system is not working properly.

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