Countless dating apps offer singles tech to help them hook up, but what about those of us already in a relationship?

LoveSync’s mission is to offer tech to help couples keep sex and intimacy alive and thriving in their long term relationship.

If you’ve ever assumed your partner wasn’t in the mood, so you didn’t make a move, you’ve likely missed out!

LoveSync turns missed opportunities into more sex by letting you and your partner know when your moods are matched.

Our unique patent pending technology lets your partner know you’re interested only if they are too – resulting in a serendipitous moment like you’ve never experienced before!

LoveSync is available as a set of bedside buttons or, coming soon, a mobile app.

Whenever you could be up for gettin’ down, just discreetly tap your button. No risk of rejection, and no pressure on your partner because…

If only you tap, your partner never knows.

But, if your partner’s also feelin’ frisky and has tapped their button, LoveSync recognizes you’re both privately thinking the same thing and lets you know your moods are matched!

You Tap + Your Partner Taps = Sexy Time!

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