LugBug Baby Carrier Handle


Baby carriers can be tough on the arms — so tough that daily lugging can put parents at risk of strain-related injuries, chronic pain and even accidental drops.

In fact, nearly half of parents experience shoulder, back and neck pain due to the strain of lugging a baby carrier.

That’s why THE CREATOR OF LUGBUG™, a first-time dad, set out to design a sturdy and easy-to-use handle designed to keep parents comfortable and kids safe.

The handle’s innovative and ergonomic design reduces tension on the shoulders and arms for a more comfortable lugging position.

LugBug is a comfortable attachment for any baby car seat carrier that eases tension on the wrist, forearm and shoulder.

Handle rotates and adjusts to most baby carriers and offers a range of better, more comfortable and enjoyable carrying positions that support your arm and wrist

Lightweight, ergonomic and exceptionally strong. Increases grip stability and decreases lifting effort with a handle that swivels 360 degrees

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