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Magic Cook is a suite of cookware that uses special heat packs to warm your food right in the cookware. The cookware comes in a variety of styles including a thermos-like mug and a plastic lunchbox-cooker. Each uses a propriety, one time use heat element to the food, similar to a military meal ready to eat (MRE). The cookware is reusable, but a new heat pack is needed for each use. Really anything can be cooked in the containers; they will even get hot enough to boil water. Cook time ranges from about 10 minutes for coffee, to 25 minutes for frozen food. The product is sold individually, or in packages with different size cookware and several packs of heating pads. Daymond liked the product and invested in Magic Cook.

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  1. Sophie Yu

    Magic cook:Use it for Outdoor;hunting,fishing,hiking (of course not only Fire Ban area, but also it will work even it’s rainy or windy since it’s flameless) . Also for construction worker, overseas traveler, Emergency, Survival, colleage dorm, heat up baby meal and medicine or whatever. There’s lots of potential market using this tech in the future (Not just food)
    Seens She copied product in china but couldn’t copy the where is the market and how to explain it. Check this webpage: they produce exact same design and function since 2008.

  2. Christopher

    The Magic Cook is a cool product. It’s great to bring that meal ready to eat style of cooking to a wider consumer. I can see a lot of different groups getting a lot of use out of this product—campers, construction workers, truckers, tailgaters. Anyone who needs to cook but doesn’t have a heat source is a potential customer. I don’t really see office workers being a great market for the product, like the entrepreneur indicated during her pitch. Each pack is on the expensive side, and I don’t see many office workers buying this, unless they had no access to a microwave in their office, but insisted on hot food. I camp a lot myself, but I can’t see myself buying this. I’m just not without access to a heat source very often.

  3. A Needy Camper

    This product is amazing for families like mine who take a camping/road trip often. Last summer we struggled with small propane tanks and unnecessary pots. Now, with Magic Cook, we don’t need all those items. Magic Cook makes it so much easier to cook on the go. Make a nice meal for yourself in your hotel room or at your campsite. BUY MAGIC COOK! Support these entrepreneurs and their great ideas. Magic Cook is great!

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