Man-PACK seeks to bring the man bag into the 21st century. Man bags have been around for a long time—brief cases, back packs, ruck sacks, messenger bags…the list goes on. The prevailing notions on such bags varies from too stodgy to too feminine. Man-PACK seeks to remedy this by presenting a sleek, masculine bag loaded with utility. The bags themselves are a rectangular shape, and generally fit on your back in “portrait” orientation (the shorter ends of rectangle run parallel to your belt), although that can be adjusted. The strap generally slings across the man’s chest. There is some added functionality as well—well placed pockets to hold pens and electronics, a special pocket for your wallet, a water bottle pocket. The entrepreneur also claims it can be worn “three ways” due to its ergonomic strap. The Man-PACK comes in several colors. No sharks jumped in on a deal.

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3.00 Stars - 6 reviews for Man-PACK

  1. Christopher

    I am an avid man-bag carrier. Whenever I go to work I like to carry a small, brown leather messenger bag with me. The bag is fairly simple—two front pockets, one large internal pocket. I always carry some important items in there—pens, hand cream, notebooks, some business cards. It’s nice to have with me. What I can’t really rectify with the Man Pack is what makes it special. It just seems like a bag. A nice bag, at that, but still, just a bag. I wouldn’t be unhappy to have one, and I might grow to really like it. But what does it have over my plain, brown messenger bag that I already love? Besides a few gimmicks, I don’t really see anything. I know the entrepreneur funded this project off Kickstarter, so maybe there is something the public sees but I don’t. To me, it’s just a bag.

  2. Jose d.

    I love that bag. But what’s up with the price it’s way to high. I can buy a similar bag for half the price. I will be a customer when price is lowered.

  3. Dylan

    I was using a backpack for many years then I switched to a messenger bag that I used for another number of years. Finally, I got a Man-PACK. To these other two reviewers, the Man-PACK might seem like “just another bag” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Men have an issue where carrying their materials (business documents, medicine, wallet, keys, etc) is in an awkward position of being stuck with either feminine or “dorky” styled bags which leaves the man emasculated and even picked on for having a bag.

    The Man-PACK is military styled for that manly look and doesn’t go overboard. I love how much more comfortable this bag is to wear. I also love that I can just slide the bag and get to my stuff without having to take it off. A messenger bag has a nasty habit of flying in front of you when you bend over (to pick up something, to tie your shoes, pet your dog, pick up your child, etc). The Man-PACK won’t do this. It stays on my back and doesn’t interfere with what I’m doing. The cell phone pocket on the strap makes it real easy to get my phone and it stays in the pocket (whereas if it’s in my pants pocket, my phone falls out every time I sit down).

    I’ve seen many bags with less benefits and costing over twice the price the Man-PACK is. You don’t get quality with cheap, WalMart prices though. The price is well worth what this bag can do for you.

    I carry around the XL bag for my laptop and it holds everything better than my messenger bag and more, even. Plus the Man-PACK doesn’t get all floppy like the messenger does.

    Seriously, give the Man-PACK a shot!

  4. Doug Brooks

    I wear my hunting fanny pack over my shoulder. That bag would do a lot in the hunting world!!!!

  5. mary

    This company is a nightmare. Don’t bother buying an item, because if you don’t like it, you will not receive a refund!

  6. Robert Wagner

    You’re too use to Amazon. I owned a store and their were no refunds. Cartier, there are no refunds. Good bags are not cheap. Ghurka? $2500 to 5k. Yes, I own two. Both were gifts. This bag lets me find things fast and I can carry it different ways and it does distribute the weight. They are sold on Amazon m so you can return it.

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