MUVEZ Footwear


Your house slipper, reimagined. You can now enter and exit your home with ease and comfort. The dual sole technology creates an effortless transition from the outdoors through the use of detachable outsoles; designed to provide protection, extra shock absorption and unmatched comfort.

Slip out of your lightweight outsoles and sport breathable indoor slippers around your house, leaving dirt at the door. Upon entering your home, simply slip out of the outsoles and sport the breathable knit slippers around the house.

When you’re ready to leave, slip back into your durable outsoles designed to provide increased protection and extra shock absorption for unmatched comfort.

Our dual sole technology also lets you change the look and feel of your shoe in an instant.

Muvez is an innovative slipper brand dedicated to re-imagining the future of indoor slippers. Our journey was mirrored with obstacles, sacrifice and opposition but each challenge provided us an opportunity to rise to the occasion and explore creative solutions. Throughout any journey of discovery, available resources will oftentimes be scarce but remember to remind yourself of the reason why you started to help you overcome.

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Your house slipper, reimagined. You can now enter and exit your home with ease and comfort. The dual sole technology creates an effortless transition from the outdoors through the use of detachable outsoles; designed to provide protection, extra shock absorption and unmatched comfort.

Slip out of your lightweight outsoles and sport breathable indoor slippers around your house, leaving dirt at the door. Upon entering your home, simply slip out of the outsoles and sport the breathable knit slippers around the house.

When you’re ready to leave, slip back into your durable outsoles designed to provide increased protection and extra shock absorption for unmatched comfort.

Our dual sole technology also lets you change the look and feel of your shoe in an instant.

Muvez is an innovative slipper brand dedicated to re-imagining the future of indoor slippers. Our journey was mirrored with obstacles, sacrifice and opposition but each challenge provided us an opportunity to rise to the occasion and explore creative solutions. Throughout any journey of discovery, available resources will oftentimes be scarce but remember to remind yourself of the reason why you started to help you overcome.

1.14 Stars - 70 reviews for MUVEZ Footwear

  1. Michael Shimon

    I want to buy the grey and black package.

  2. Tom Wogan

    I waited months for my pair to arrive. Got tired of waiting and CANCELLED my order. They were shipped anyway. I tried them on, but was dissatisfied with the look and the fit. I returned the next day. It’s now been almost 6 weeks and I have not received the promised refund. My three inquiries on the refund resulted in three responses that Jake would forward the refund request to “my team.” Turning it over to my credit card company. What a sham and a rip off!

  3. Tom Albert

    I purchased two pair of shoes 4/3/2020 and I still have received nothing . I contact Muvez and it’s a run around each time . They were quick to charge my credit card though .

  4. Nope

    Never bought anything before from Shark Tank. With my experience I never will again. Ordered back on April. After multiple emails promising that they will be shipping soon 4 months later still have nothing. Do not order from them. Their customer service is horrible with running around on excuses.

  5. Daniel Alemar

    My wife ordered two pair. I have gotten emails from them saying they will come, but I have not been able to contact them. I need shoes and hope they fit right. I am thinking about calling out local consumer agency who are very aggressive. I have also considered TV stations as another avenue.

  6. Alex

    Horrible, I received one pair & did not receive my other pair. Per the receipt I received both pairs were shipped. I’ve sent three emails & on the last two requested a refund for one pair. Ridiculous. I’ve been waiting a long time. I realize the pandemic is going on, but I’m getting everything I order on line from other companies.

  7. Eileen Figueroa

    I will give 0 stars but not available…very irresponsible of this company of not delivering the product they promised. Common Muvez do we need to do a formal conplain and involve Shark Tank? Be true to youe customers in relating the proper information. If you don’t have the product just day so. BE HONEST!

  8. Allen Cunningham

    I ordered a pair and waited months and months to get them, then they finally arrived. They were the wrong size so I contacted someone in customer service named Crystal, SHe said take a picture of them and send them back, I did that and waited weeks and then got a letter saying your order has been cancelled and you will get a refund. Then another letter saying send the shoes back, making me think they have lost the order.

    The customer service is HORRIBLE, they are confused and continue to send contradictory emails


  9. peter nagel

    The shoe is just a scam. You pay up front and have to wait forever. Ordered june 15, it now the end of sep with nothing to show for it
    Dont not buy, run away not walk from this company. I am sure they will declare bankrupe, nobody get any thing then

  10. Kevin Troain

    After reading reviews, I am just as PISSED with this company & SHARK TANK for representing them.
    They charged us for their product and shipped it after continually asking where it was for 6 months.
    Then they sent the wrong size!!! I wrote to get our money back twice now & requested return label.

  11. Muvez sucks do not buy

    Seriously screw these guys. This is a total scam. They will take your money and not send anything your way. I don’t even care about the 25 preorder deposit anymore as I will do everything in my power to make sure these guys go out of business. Bunch of money taking punks.


    I can’t even give them a review for a pair I ordered in May and have still not received. They are excellent at asking you for patience and sending constant offers for more, BUT DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM, IT’S A SCAM

  13. Carrie Green

    My review is the same as the previous would be customers. I ordered a pair of shoes the evening they were presented on Shark Tank. Same experience as everyone else. Sometimes, no response to emails, sometimes email responses with excuses and promises never kept. I even contacted the Damon John team since Damon was the investor. No response from them either. I left phone messages and emails for both the Muvez company and the Damon John Team. Finally in August I gave up and asked my credit card company to refund my money which they did.
    I have been a faithful watcher of Shark Tank for several years. Never again will I order a new product seen on their show. I will only purchase in a retail store or from an online supplier that I trust.

  14. Don Taylor

    It was a long wait, but when they finally arrived they were amazing. Comfortable, easy to slip on. I like the soles attached most of the time, but when I go out to get the newspaper in the rain, I can easily remove the soles at the door and walk across the carpet with dry slippers.

  15. Romona J Bebo

    I have been very disappointed with this company. Buyer Beware! Ordered on 10/13/2020, was told it would take two weeks, they took my money out of account 10/16/2020, and since then I emailed them 3 times, finally after advising that if I didn’t hear from them by 11/02/2020, I would take my own action. They responded finally and told me they would be shipping out by end of the week. Still not here.

  16. Paying customer

    BY FAR THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE! Listen up – if you want peace of mine do not buy this product. I purchase this product back in April 2020. Yes, around that time we were in the beginning of the pandemic, however, as time went on they refused to communicate with their customers on what was going on. In October I finally, received my two orders only to be shipped the wrong sizes. It took 7 months to be sent the wrong items!? Just unreal and unacceptable. I sent the two items back which I was hesitant to do, but I wanted so long I wanted this issue to be corrected. Since then the communication has been even worst. No return emails after sending them several on the status of my exchange. There is no excuses exspecially this being a Shark tank company and backed by someone ( Daymond John) that I respect. Bottom line, don’t waste your time and money.. They need to fix several things and customer service needs to be the first.

  17. Terry Winchester

    If I could rate them “0” I would. So very disappointed in this company. Even more disappointed in Shark Tank for zero support.

  18. Dan Olimpia

    Waited 4 months…had to email THEM for an update…waited 3 more weeks for reply…then they had the ‘courage’ to reply AFTER my order was finally received 5 MONTHS LATER…HOW BAD IS THAT.

    Some of the worst customer service I’ve experienced.

  19. John

    VERY SLOW to ship. I did finally receive one pair. WAY too small. Not even close. I so wanted to love these. Great concept. Poor quality. Ladies and gentlemen do not pay more than $15 for these cheap poorly made shoes. My pair are useless. Too small for my foot. They say they offer returns or exchanges within 21 days, yet no phone number or customer service AT ALL. Only an anonymous email contact. BBB of New Jersey says that they cannot find a physical location for them. Scary. I recommend DO NOT BUY. I am going to try and resell mine since it looks like they are not taking exchanges or giving refunds. Oh ya. I am also BOMBARDED with daily email asking me to buy more. Have to black list this “company”.

  20. Steve

    Ordered in April. Never received my shoes and they don’t respond to emails. This company stole my money and is a scam. I can’t believe shark tank allows this to go on. Look at all the reviews that say the same thing

  21. Burr

    This company has a very interesting business model: take a deposit, wait months and then take more money, then send nothing and never respond to emails. Why does Shark Tank allow this?

  22. Beth Meyer-Bulley

    Wish I could give them zero reviews. 5 months later and still no shoes. Same run around every time I contact customer service. I will be requesting a full refund and contesting with my credit card.

  23. Do not order anything

    Do not order anything from this company. They are aggressively pursuing new orders that they are not fulfilling. They are trying to get enough money from orders that they do not plan to ever fill. This way when they declare bankruptcy they will have some money to cover their losses. They have no intention of fulfilling any of these orders. If you place an order you will not receive any merchandise , but you will definitely lose your money. I am still waiting on the free t shirt they promised with a pre order from April. After many months of waiting I was one a few who did finally receive my shoes. But after many emails asking when I would receive my free shirt and the one I paid for when I ordered my shoes I got false promises that they are on there way. I ordered in April, it almost December and I am sure I will never receive anything. They are sending out emails to me everyday trying to sell more shoes when they are not fulfilling any orders. If you want to lose your money go ahead and order. They are only trying to cover their losses as I’m sure they will be out of business soon.

  24. Lyndell Kalman

    Don’r bother! Take your money and never get what you ordered. Terrible company!

  25. Stephen R May

    This company is so not ready for Prime Time!

  26. Jazzy

    Muvez is a total rip off. Pre-ordered in June and still no delivery. Horrible customer service. Read other reviews. Orders too small, money not refunded. Ghosted. Orders out of stock. This is a fraudulent, scam company and Shark Tank should be embarrassed to support anything they propose.

  27. Joy Zucaro

    This company just takes your money and runs and tries to keep selling you shoes they never deliver. Shark Tank should be ashamed of their role in this!! Do not buy from them!!!!


    Same … Took over 4 months to receive then received the wrong size (3 sizes off). They sent me a new pair in a timely manner (had to be a different color as they were out of the color I wanted in my size) still were too tight. My wife ordered a pair and received them in a timely manner. She likes them and they fit okay. I feel the sole of the inner and outer shoe is too hard and slippery though. Seems like Damond should be able to step in and make this company happen. Great concept. I feel like they are getting their orders out a little faster these days but the inner and outer sole needs to have more traction and I recommend ordering one size up from your normal size. In spite of the slippery soles, I’d like to order more, but the customer service is so confused and terrible, I might wait a year to see if they can get their act together.

  29. Scott

    ZERO STARS – Great idea, horrible execution. I ordered my Muvez on the 19th and received them on the 24th. So far so good. As soon as I tried them on, I could tell something wasn’t right. These are NOT soft, comfy slippers. They’re very rigid with very little padding. As soon as I took my first step, the elastic on the back of the shoe slipped halfway down my foot. The fit was snug, so it wasn’t a sizing issue, yet every step felt like they were going to fall off. Plus, the inside of the shoe is so stiff, I felt like I would have blisters if I wore them more than 5 minutes. The soles on the inner and outer shoe are so hard and slippery, they seem like a personal injury lawsuit waiting to happen. Hard pass.

    I immediately boxed them back up and requested a return. The customer service rep told me I would have to pay for shipping to return. Fine. USPS flat rate is about 7 bucks. Muvez sent me an invoice with $15 deducted from my refund for their “return label”. So I guess they get to pocket the shipping costs too? Awful shoe. Awful customer service. AVOID THESE SHOES AT ALL COSTS!

  30. John

    I pre ordered in July of 2020. Still no shoes. Have had multiple email conversations with their customer service people who say “We will get them to you soon” but it has been a month since they told me that and still no shoes. Daymond John needs to get this company in gear!

  31. Seth

    Pre-ordered these back in May/June when I saw them on shark take. Going on 8-9 months and I still have no shoes. Have contacted them twice already regarding it and I just keep getting excuse after excuse. Wish I could give 0 stars! Do not order!

  32. Uncomfortable, don’t work, overpriced.

    First, they do not work as advertised. It is impossible to slip on and off hands free. It requires two hands or else your whole foot slips out.

    Second, the slipper part is not comfortable. No padding or softness to it. I have a $15 pair of slippers that are 10x more comfortable.

    Last, customer service is awful. We first got the wrong size, then tried to exchange for a larger size and different color. After finally getting them shipped, the color was the same.

    Do not recommend! Even if they were 1/3 of the price I would not recommend.

  33. jim

    I purchased bottom sole only They did not fit, never wore then or hit the floor I looked at them
    Tried to put my slipper into the bottom did not fit. Put back in the box. They want me to send photos
    of top & Bottom (they dont trust the customer) worst C.service and return policy in my 78 years
    and my case is under review. Where is Damon the shark who invested??

  34. RC

    DO NOT BUY!! They’re quick to take your order and money, but fail to deliver in product and customer service! I ordered AND PAID for some shoes back in February. After a couple weeks of never getting any shipping info, I contacted them only to be told to have patience and they’d be shipped in a few weeks. It’s April and STILL NO SHOES!! Been trying to get answers from their customer service dept. for over a week now, but have only been ignored!! STEER CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY!!

  35. Cande

    Everything everybody said! Ordered in January and still nothing. They took my money, said to be patient and should be here First week in April. So now I contact them, and no response at all. And they’re still sending emails to buy shoes. What a joke.
    I think all of us need to get together and do something further about this. I’m going to try to contact shark tank as well as Daymond John. How can they back up something like this…

  36. Jeremiah Wright Order# 16521

    I ordered a 10.5 and they sent me a 10 they don’t fit!! I tried to exchange via their website and it crashed and said error I waited for days on the chat and no one responded to me it’s horrible customer service. It’s not right!! that I have to wait 4 to 5 days to do a return..and exchange for a bigger size. They didn’t wait 4 to 5 days to take my money. The customer service is horrible no one there to answer you after you make a purchase. I’ll pay for the return myself if I have to but this is insane!!!!!

  37. Emma

    No rating. It’s below a 1 star. Every negative thing everyone has stated is OMG such a reminder.
    For Shame Just plan Shameful. Hey if nothing else “ what’s the old saying —
    “Everybody can’t be lying. “
    My order got so botched I
    Know I left money on their table from frustration
    I never got the shoes because I cancelled the Order. Eventually got a refund???
    Hey IT TOOK SOooooooooooooooooooooooo LONG – I even forgot I had the order.! And had to contact them when It dawned on me. Hey emailing where’s the Shoes I ordered.? They are on there way…thank you got you’s for your patience.
    Yeah right
    Well I ordered again 1 pair this time figured with all the bad hype there had to be a change. Got the shoes (still a wait) and they were too small.

    It’s a Russian roulette game if you deal with these folks.
    Good Luck

  38. Bob G

    Saw these on Shark Tank, thought they are a fantastic idea, really wanted them. I have size 12.5 feet, hard to fit. My loving daughter got me size 12 men’s. They were too small. The back of these shoes are intensely forcefully elastic and they shove your foot foreward into the front of the shoe. Size 12 was painful. My loving wife got me size 13’s. They ALSO shove my foot into the front but with a big gap behind my heal. They don’t fit any better, maybe worse. Waste of money. And I really wanted them to work for me. Oh well. Life is sometimes disappointing. Maybe eventually they will figure out how to get them to fit properly. They are not there yet. Not even close. Just look at these terrible ratings. How sad. I wish my family members had looked at those ratings first. Perhaps that is what you are doing – reading the ratings. Good luck!

  39. Paul

    I have gone round and round with his company. Listening to lies and guesses as to what will happen. Contacted my credit card and was refunded but then they contacted my credit card and lied about everything and the charge was put back on my credit card. I still sit with the wrong shoes waiting for the correction. If this is a shark tank web page why isn’t anyone from shark tank taking any concern over this. It looks like there’s one good review out of all of them here

  40. Paul

    Daymond John, what’s going on?????????

  41. Mimi Foster

    Waited a long time for the shoes. I am a true size 10 so ordered 10/10.5. WAY too small! (Box said Men’s 8) No one ever answered emails so I gave them to my daughter (who wears a size 9 and they fit her) and was going to order a larger size and every time I put in the right size and color, it came up in the Cart as a size 5/5.5. Then I saw all of the reviews and didn’t want to chance another $100. Very disappointed because the idea of it is great.

  42. David K

    The product is marginal at best and their customer service is deplorable. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes and 1 of the ordered items were shipped an incorrect size. Their customer service in which there is no phone number or name of the person you are dealing with does not make it possible to exchange for the correct size ordered. I have sent multiple emails with photos. Now I am going through my credit card company. Deplorable customer service and marginal product at best. Stay away and order another product. I liked Daymond John on Shark Tank but if this is how he runs his business then I need to stay away.

  43. Tina Noel-Bowdre

    Horrible. I purchased 2 pair. When they finally arrived, they were the wrong size. I processed a exchange. I only received one pair and still the wrong size. I have been trying to contact Muvez to resolve the issue. No response. I’m at a lost. No one is responding to me. What do I do? This is so very bad. I continue even contact to ask for a refund. Terrible. I ordered two pair, they sent me one pair in the wrong size.

  44. Chuckie

    Ordered woman’s size 9 and was intentionally sent a men’s size 7 with a postcard stating that they would fit perfectly (I Wish), they were given as a birthday present and when it was proven that they were to small I requested from the company a total refund, rather than back and forth until they fit. Their response was a $25 restocking fee would be taken for “A donation fee for those in need”. My e-mail response was I provided the correct and exact information for the order why should I incur this penalty. No response was given.

  45. David

    Do not buy. Ordered the 8-8.5 and it arrived as always too tight 8. They charge you a $25.09 restocking fee AND you have to return it through USPS! Do you know how long the wait is at the post office? And only 21 days to return from date of SHIPPING, not upon receipt. And delivery took forever. And the shoes aren’t particularly stylish. Avoid it!

  46. Karen

    Mike Bryan ordered a pink pair and he loved them ❤

  47. Robert Johnson

    After speaking with the owner originally now no phone number ordered 2 pair the pair for me was too small returned and months later have never received anything what a ripoff

  48. Anthony

    I bought two of their pairs, separate orders, on around Black Friday. One of the orders came through, tried them on, returned for a bigger size. It is now 12/21/21 which Black Friday was on 11/26. I have YET to receive ANY response from MUVEZ after I returned them for a bigger size. No contacts after over a week. I’m starting to feel like I’m being ripped off and it certainly doesn’t help that I see other people experience similar issues as mine. One thing I should have done before buying MUVEZ’s products: read the reviews from several websites before moving forward with the purchase. This is such a disappointment as I was really counting on MUVEZ due to its credibility from Shark Tank. Unfortunately, I should have known better.

  49. Kurtis

    Muvez is a total B.S. Company. They dont ship your product, generate a UPS label, so they can say its shipped with a tracking number, and you wait, and wait, and wait. They MAY ship 1-2 weeks after they generate the B.S. shipping label. Completely fraudulent business practices IMHO. Horrible company!

  50. kurt

    This company is horrible. They generated a UPS label over 2 weeks after placing our order, just so they can say they have a tracking number, but the product never physically shipped until 10 days later. When they did, 10 days later, we received the wrong item. So fed up with this company we wanted a return, then they have the nerve to charge a $25 restocking fee for WRONG ITEMS THEY SENT! Horrible company

  51. Phil

    Its not surprising that Daymond is behind this. A friend wanted to go to a “Daymond” seminar once, only to find out he just licensed his name to it, and it was a typical get rich pyramid scheme. No scruples. plus, the company as a whole is a scam. They just ship the wrong stuff, then use a 25 buck restocking fee as an extra revenue stream, i suppose to save up for their bankruptcy attorney.

  52. Nunya Bid

    Can I give 0 stars? Don’t buy these unless you are 100% sure you like the size and fit because they will charge you $25 restocking fee + shipping. So I paid 35.99 just to try on their shoes for 2 min to realize they were too tight and I didn’t like the style. Ridiculous for an online shoe retailer in 2021.

  53. Lisa

    I ordered my shoes & got it a little after 2 weeks. They are pretty comfy. I was worried about the sizing but luckily I’m in between full sizes anyway. Seems like they are a smaller company so you can’t expect the same you get from a major retailer but overall- great shoe concept.

  54. Sheila

    Got a pair for my husband. He said they ran small and felt uncomfortable. When we saw them on Shark Tank, we both thought they looked great. Definitely seemed stiffer looking in person. Paid $95, but for return after “shipping” and “restocking” fees, received $56 back… so YOU’D BETTER BE SURE YOU WANT THEM without seeing them in person or trying them on first. Also, they arrived late. Not really holding Muvez responsible for that though … I know supply chain issues are crazy right now. Still, overall a poor customer experience.

  55. J. Larry Bloodworth

    My shoes took 28 days to arrive and they are too small. I attempted to contact the company with 24 hours of receipt. However, they only give a 21-day policy for exchanges or refunds. I can tell from all the 1-star and negative reviews. I should have looked before they cheated me out of a $100 pair of shoes I can’t wear.
    J. Larry Bloodworth
    Draper, Utah 84020
    (801) 885-2225
    [email protected]

  56. Kathy A.

    I’m getting the run around with the tracking information and location of my purchase. It’s been 2.5 weeks and the ups tracking info has been stuck on label created. I’m already forwarding my grievances to my credit card company.

  57. Steve

    If I could give them negative stars I would. This isn’t a real company. It’s a website designed to take your money. I ordered two pairs of slippers as a Christmas present and want to return one that is too small. I get no response and stupid questions like why do you want to return after I told them why in my original return request. Absolute scam. DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH!

  58. Janessa

    Horrible horrible company and customer service. Kept giving us the run-around when trying to return/exchange products. Even forwarded email conversations to confirm and they still refused/mis lead us. Trash company with trash integrity.

  59. Anne

    I ordered a pair when I originally saw them on shark tank. They are a great fit for me. I ordered a second pair in November2021 knowing they were back ordered. I heard nothing – no order updates – but they did charge me! Knowing they were a start up, and how much I like the shoes, I was willing to wait. However, it’s now three more months later… and after receiving multiple text messages and emails asking me to buy more shoes…I still have not received the pair I ordered in November. I reached out to them again and I’m being told they’ll be here as soon as they can… but zero shipping date info given. I have asked for a refund because this is ridiculous…

  60. TrinityS

    I spent the time to right an honest 2 Star Review on their website, of these shoes, and apparently if its not a 4 or 5 star they have the ability to not post it. Now I personally know why they dont have any reviews lower than 4 stars! and now I have lowered mine to a 1 Star, I’d go lower if I could just on the company being unethical.
    Like others, they charge your card right away, you wait 12 plus weeks for a product I was told was in stock. They finally showed yesterday.
    They seem true to size, but they are way to snug toward the front of the foot. You slip off the sole and you have zero arch support. When walking with the outdoor sole on, debris gets inbetween the 2nd Sole and the slipper which is annoying.
    I’ll throw them in the garbage where they belong before ever talking to this company ever again.
    Great idea, I hope someone takes the design and is able to properly design it.
    I was told in an email from their new GM that Shark Tank didnt follow through for them, and a bunch of other information I quite frankly didn’t need to, or care to know. I just wanted my shoes!

  61. Rachael Cross

    My partner bought me a pair of these shoes. I had them on my feet in my house for about 30 seconds. They are the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever tried on. We literally never wore them. They are refusing to refund our money because they said they are used. Absolutely SCAM. These things are hideous in person. I wouldn’t be caught dead in them.

  62. tadur1234

    I ordered my muvez shoes for my friend tadur1234 he loved them until his dog them they took 5 years to ship and he was dead by then.

  63. Dissatisfied Customer

    My review is the same as all others. Poor customer service. I ordered January 2022. I ordered Men’s 7, they sent Women’s 9. When I wrote to exchange, they replied: “Be sure to include photos of the top and bottom of the shoes to show no wear other than trying them on and send them to this email if you cannot attach them to the returns site.” They sent the wrong shoe but yet they made me send pictures to shoe I had not worn the shoes. They should not have made me send pictures for their error. So I sent the pictures and the shoes, then started the emails about their supply chain delays. Shipment was to arrive March 21 but never a follow up from them. I have to reach out the them, their follow up is not good. Finally, I told them to refund my purchase, then they offered 10% to not cancel the order, but I cancelled anyway. Hoping I see the refund.

  64. Steve Martin

    Beware. If you don’t like the shoe (and you won’t) they will only refund $50 because there is a $28 handling fee!! Bought the protection plan because I wanted to make sure I would get a full refund if I didn’t like them. Total garbage.

  65. Craig Makar

    I purchased my shoes on July 28th knowing they are an updated version of the shoes. The shoes I ordered were supposed to be a size 10 and shoes a size 6. I contacted multiple times to have it changed to a 10. My order now shows undeliverable, and I have reached out so many times through FaceBook Messenger, Thier online chat and email and was only told the shipment would arrive at the end of October. The web site says the new shoes have arrived and ordered today BUT my shoes still have not shipped. There is no phone number to call them SO can anyone help OR give me the phone?

  66. Philip

    I’m very sorry I ever ordered Muvez. It wasn’t clear to me when I ordered shoes back in September that I was paying for an item that wasn’t available immediately. I received an email acknowledging my order and letting me know that most orders ship within 3 business days. I waited for over a week for notice of shipment or delivery and it didn’t happen, so I wrote to customer service referring to the fact that my invoice stated that it was a “pre-order.” I don’t have anything other than their word, as I don’t believe I got an invoice. The email confirmation listed the item name with no price or anything else. Not even the color or size. On November 20, 2022 I received an email advertisement saying that my style of shoes are AVAILABLE NOW! I hadn’t even gotten notice that mine were shipped until November 23, 2022, which turned out to be bogus. I waited for the promised delivery date of November 30, 2022 and it passed, so I wrote and asked what was going on. The response was that they needed several more weeks before there would be shipping information available. I replied that since things were not going well and I was dissatisfied and wanted to cancel my order, I got a response that because the status of my order is “FULFILLED,” they can’t cancel it. They seem to want it both ways. They haven’t shipped them, but since it says that they did, they can’t cancel the order.
    Muvez is a screwed up, confusing and deceptive company. I can’t cancel the order, but when I return it there will be a $25 restocking fee. I also bought a pair of extra soles which I received, but they do no good without the shoes that I have yet to see. I filed a dispute with my credit card company since I can’t seem to get satisfaction from Muvez customer service. If I receive them, I’ll leave them sealed in the box as I have the extra soles until I hear back from my credit card company as to their decision.

  67. Philip

    Correction on my review. I contacted customer service after receiving an email advising me that my order would ship within three days. I have the email to prove my point. However, the response from customer service stated that I needed to be aware that I had pre-ordered the shoes and that my invoice and other information made that clear. Honestly, I never saw anything to that effect, and NONE of the correspondence since I placed the order other than from customer service said anything about a “pre-order.”

  68. Karen

    I wish I had read these reviews before I placed my order (three months ago). I’ve received two emails asking me to rate the product – which I haven’t yet received. I’m getting the run-around just as so many others have documented. Even if my name weren’t “Karen” I’d complain. I called my credit card company and filed a case. I sure hope my money is refunded. It’s a lot to spend on nothing.

  69. Delanoe Maximore

    I would give 0 stars if possible. I ordered 5 pairs and an extra sole for Christmas and waited months to receive them. I did not receive everything in my order and I was HIGHLY dissatisfied with the look and feel of the shoe so I wanted to return. Contacted Muvez and they finally replied with a return address. Attempted to return and they have been returned to sender several times. No refund. Be responses by Muvez. This is absolutely uncalled for. I will be reporting this company.

  70. Adel

    Got scammed, paid never received the products, no reply no customer service no refund

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