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Myself Belts is a belt for toddlers and young children that help them keep their pants up, while being easy to latch and unlatch themselves. The idea is that even young children can dress themselves without parental help using a Myself Belt. The belt attaches around one of the front belt loops, and then is fed through the rest of the loops. The front clasp is Velcro allowing for easy latching and unlatching. Since the belt stays attached to the belt loop, it doesn’t fall off easily like a traditional belt. The belts come in a variety of materials and patterns for both boys and girls. Although not discussed on the show (it was edited out) the belts are also used as part of school uniforms, and for adults with developmental disabilities. Daymond decided to take a chance on Myself Belts and invest.

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  1. Christopher

    I was always a kid who had his pants falling down without a belt. I don’t know whether I had difficultly using a belt, or whether I stubbornly refused, but I hardly remember wearing a belt at all as a kid. Would Myself Belt have helped me? Maybe. Probably. It’s hard to remember how I felt as a toddler about anything, especially my opinion on belts. Not having kids now, it’s hard for me to know whether this is a good product. While watching the airing I thought, “this product has been on the market for ten years, and the sales are still tiny. If it was a good product, it would be big by now.” Daymond thought differently and he knows apparel. I’m not really sure what he saw in Myself Belts that I missed, but I’m sure he knows better than me.

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