Peoples Design Scooping Bowl


As a professional chef, I have designed this go to kitchen product to help at home chefs create spectacular dishes faster, cleaner, and more effectively. The All-in-one scooping bowl will remove the ingredients with its patent pending spatula assembly. In one smooth movement, it will leave the bowl clean and ready to mix up more kitchen magic. No more searching through cluttered kitchen drawers for a rubber spatula that is too clumsy to use anyway. Separate eggs, wash and strain vegetables, or use as a serving bowl where the seal tight spatula will allow you to hold two different creations in the same bowl!

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2 reviews for Peoples Design Scooping Bowl

  1. Deb Dubois

    Love this bowl, it is so nice not to have to try an spatula ingredients out. Hope they make it in 1 to 2 smaller sizes soon. Also would like to purchase additional scraper inserts.
    It was worth the price to me but im sure price will come down if the find a new manufacturer.

  2. Hanna from Berlin

    I saw it on TLC Germany however can’t find it :(
    Wish I could buy it here however this bowl isn’t anywhere to be found 😞

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