Pipsnacks is a line of pre-popped miniature popcorn that comes in a variety of flavors. The key is smaller corn kernels which create a smaller popcorn. In addition, the creators claim that the popcorn is a bit softer and the kernels won’t get stuck in your teeth. Pipsnacks come in a variety of flavors such as Kettle Corn, Rosemary, Truffle, and Sea Salt. Each bag is 4oz. The entrepreneurs were able to strike a deal with Barbara.

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1.78 Stars - 18 reviews for Pipcorn

  1. Christopher

    I’m not sure that popcorn needed to be miniaturized. I don’t think I have ever looked at a piece of popcorn and thought, “I wish this was smaller.” I do eat a lot of popcorn, especially in the pre-popped bagged variety. There is definitely a hierarchy of quality in this space. There’s a huge difference in flavor between the lesser brands and what I consider the gold standard, Angie’s Popcorn. Angie’s seems pretty similar to Pipsnacks–it comes prepopped in a 4 oz bag, in a variety of flavors. I usually stick with the sea salt variety and it’s really tasty. My one complaint is that the kernels do get stuck in my teeth from time to time. So, if Pipsnacks can really prevent this annoyance, I’d give it a shot. Otherwise, I see little reason to switch over from my beloved Angie’s.

  2. Liane W

    The popcorn is cute. That’s about it. I like that the kernels are tiny, and probably more easily digested. However they don’t taste great, at all. I got a 4 pack for $13, which was 50% Off the regular price of $26. $3.25 per bag is too much. There’s little flavor. The regular price of $6.50 per bag is completely ridiculous. For delicious gourmet popcorn I would pay around $4 tops. For this product I would pay $2 tops, only if I was really hungry and it was the only snack around. Very disappointing and overpriced. I give it 2 stars instead of one just because of the tiny kernels.

  3. Steph

    Pipcorn isn’t all it’s popped up to be. Despite the small size, Pipcorn is actually a crunchier, less tender variety compared to popcorn, due to the fact that there’s not as much of the white portion per kernel. The flavors are very subtle, however, the rosemary and truffle flavors are unique, but definitely need kicked up a notch. Sadly, some of the kernels even gave off a burned taste, like they were popped for too long or something. They’re also quite awkward to grab out of a bowl with your hands. My husband actually eats these with a spoon, because it’s too inconvenient to grab the small kernel size. On the positive side, the packaging is very nice and the shipping was lightning fast! These were ok to try, but we’ll be sticking with regular popcorn from now on.

  4. Lr

    I purchased the Rosemary flavor. Couldn’t taste any Rosemary at all in the 4 bags. It was lightly salted and almost no unpopped kernels. Way overpriced, no flavor and the small kernels don’t add anything. I can’t imagine with the pricing strategy and the lack of flavor this company surviving without shark tank.

  5. Jan Scheetz

    I love PIPCORN! I eat it right out of the bag. The Truffle is my favorite and the Rosemary is just as delicious. Plus, there is a lot in the bag. I was just ready to order more PIPCORN since I am about to run out. Great Product!!

  6. JK

    No flavor, hard because little pop around the kernel, sometimes burnt, so tiny you have to use a spoon to eat popcorn. No redeeming value that I could find. Cost is outrageous for what you get.

  7. Nicole

    Sea salt flavor is nice, but the pieces seem to be more kernel than anything else. The light, airiness of other popcorn is missing. The small pieces are more like the leftovers at the bottom of a bag that you don’t really want.

  8. Cynthia

    I saw this product on Shark Tank. I believed their spiel that the smaller kernels would contain smaller, easier to eat kernels. I thought “finally popcorn I can eat without the fear of breaking a tooth.” The back of the packaging even says “Finally, popcorn that’s kind to your teeth.” That to me is clearly false advertising. I ordered 2 3-packs from Many Kitchens and they just arrived today. I dove right in. First handful, 4 unpopped hard kernels immediately made their presence known. Unchewable, unbreakable, must unlodge it from my teeth and spit it out type of kernels. Nicole’s comment above is right on the mark: this popcorn is like the stuff at the bottom of the bag that you just discard except IT’S THE ENTIRE OVERPRICED BAG!!! It has all of the downside of popcorn without any of the upside (big fluffy corn). Sorry to be so negative, but Pipcorn is a major fail.

  9. Skylar

    AMAZING. We love the mini popcorn- we love the bags- the advertising and the different flavors. Our fav is sea salt and kettle corn – we love you guys. My favorite person ever is my brother so I love this is a bro sis company. The only thing my husband and I would love is a re-sealable bag.

    Great creation!!

  10. Lisa

    I ordered a $75 can as a gift. It was never delivered and my 5 attempts of trying to contact the company were never acknowledged or responded to. They conveniently don’t have a way to contact by phone. This is called fraud. I’ll be taking other action. Do NOT order from this company.

  11. Barbara J Hunter Gray

    I wanted it to be good but it is a lie. There ARE hard kernels in the corn and they DO hurt your teeth. It’s like eating the bottom of a bag of movie popcorn or home popped where the kernels have sunk to the bottom. OK, maybe not AS MUCH hard kernels but to say it solves that problem is just a bold faced lie. I would take it back to ‘whole Foods myself but my husband has to do the shopping because I am waiting for an operation and I can’t walk. He complains but only to me so nothing changes. I hope somebody reads this and saves having that awful crunch you get when you kit a hard kernel between two teeth.

  12. Barbara J Hunter Gray

    I meant” HIT” not “kit” in that last sentence.

    So disappointed. Also the SALT in the chedderr is so strong I think it made my feel swell up (retaining water). I keep seeing Damon crunching away in his chair and he didn’t seem to have a problem, but it’s just not what it says it is.

  13. Pam

    One star for the truffle flavor. If it was less subtle, and had a bit more flavor, I would be rating it 2 stars. I don’t like anything else about this product. It is tiny, hard-to-grab bits of popcorn. It has hard kernals that I could not chew and had to spit out.

  14. sarah

    Can I leave 0 stars? I would love to review the product but have not received it! I placed my order on Feb 5th. After receiving texts asking how I like it and with coupons towards future product I contacted them. I then received a text saying there was a delay, sorry, it will ship soon and here’s a 10% refund. Wonderful! Only problem is my items still haven’t shipped! I had thought since there was a mistake on their end and since they now know about it, that they would expediate the shipping. Guess I was wrong on that one! There was however no delay in taking my payment for the products as that was processed right away when purchased. Maybe someday I will be able to leave a review on the actual product. For the record, tomorrow will be 2 weeks since order was placed. I am not overly concerned that the product isn’t received yet, but that it hasn’t even shipped yet!

  15. GaryS

    Avoid like Ebola. I wish I could leave zero stars, too. My wife bought the hype and ordered the variety sampler. Big mistake. I chipped a tooth on the Pipcorn – since the unpopped kernels aren’t much smaller than the popped ones, crunching down on a mouthful, you don’t notice them until it’s too late. The flavors were weak, too, Truffle was barely there. The white cheddar cheese balls had all the flavor of shipping peanuts. The jalapeno cheddar flavor was all jalapeno and no cheddar., same problem with the same flavor cheese crunchies. The corn chips just sucked no matter what flavor was supposedly on them. Save your money and teeth and avoid Pipcorn products.

  16. Robin

    The Jalapeno Cheddar Crunchies were a huge disappointment. Too spicy…no cheesy flavor. I’ll stick with the brand I usually buy.

  17. Lori Matthews-Kumm

    Pay attention to the Awful reviews and you will be better off.
    Awful, Awful customer service bar none the worst there is. The sea salt Pipcorn was terrible. I mean T E R R I B L E.
    Was told in so many words that speak louder than actions.. too bad so sad and to move on with myself.
    Guess what PIPCORN ? I’m moving on alright….to where I never buy your product again.

  18. Thomas Ferrettie

    The pipcorn was terrible. They are not fluffy and the kernels still get in your teeth . Very overrated and would never buy again

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