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Season 1, Episode 15 Sharks: Daymond John Category:

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0 Stars - 2 reviews for POWERDECAL

  1. Cheryl Wilson

    I am giving this a Zero rating. I placed and paid for my order on January 4, 2018 and have not seen any product delivered to me as of 02/17/18. Have sent several emails and nothing. Buyer BEWARE this is a rip off. HELP

  2. Rob Davies

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY – POWERDECAL IS NOT LEGITIMATE AND YOU WILL LOSE. A pity we can’t rate in the negative numbers. I also made the mistake of ordering from these animals and nothing ever shipped. I’m sure they re-direct inbound e-mails to a dead address, but I wish I lived near Chicago because it would be great fun to find “Chris” and curb-stomp his teeth out. Horrible experience and frustrating, but avoid PowerDecal. Shark Tank Shopper should terminate any association with thieves (unless they’re part of the scam). Hopefully, “Chris” will rip off somebody within arm’s reach and get opened up from ear to ear with a box cutter…

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