Q-Flex is a back massager that use acupressure to relieve back pain. The product is made of plastic and hard rubber, and shaped like a giant question mark (or maybe a letter “Q”). You can use the product yourself, to relieve knots and other tightness in your back. The entrepreneurs recommend applying Q Flex to various pressure points in your back to relieve tension. Barbara and Mark invested in Q-Flex.

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4.18 Stars - 12 reviews for Q-Flex

  1. Christopher

    Q Flex is one of those products that I think the sharks were more interested in the entrepreneur than the product (in this case, a precocious 13 year old). They did seem to like the product, Barbara in particular was raving about how well it worked in just a few minutes of using it. Otherwise, they seemed quite enamored by the young entrepreneur. And with good cause. Young Andrea was very impressive, answering every question smartly and succinctly. She showed good hustle selling the product door to door. Five stars for her. As far as the product, it’s hard for me to tell. I’ve never really had back pain, and I really don’t care for the feeling of most personal massagers. Without actually trying the product, I can’t give it more than a marginal thumbs up.

  2. Mary

    My sister surprised me with a Q-Flex for Christmas and it is awesome! I do construction and remodeling and am in constant need of pain relief. Using the techniques outlined by Q-Flex, I feel relief at the pressure points within minutes. It is so simple to use and I use it on a daily basis now. I would highly recommend it for back pain sufferers.

  3. Mary Heinz

    I got my Q-Flex a few weeks ago. I get a lot of shoulder pain and neck pain. I have been getting massages for years and gave tried the tennis balls recommended for acupressure points, aka.trigger points. So I was thrilled to see something made for self relief.

    The shipping was, a bit expensive, and it took a month to get to me, BUT, it was well worth it.

    I felt immediately the relief. It really is amazing. Perfectly shaped to target the trigger points. Easy to use and it has made a huge difference!

  4. Cheryl

    Not impressed with the product but annoyed at how long it took to arrive–5-6 weeks, Worse was that they packed it in a manila envelope that was too short for the item so that it protruded and was held in by packing tape. Can’t believe Cuban and Corcoran have their names attached to this!

  5. Kris

    Love the Q flex! Yes, they were slow on delivery, due to overwhelming demand, but it was worth the wait. I drive lots for my job as well as storing stress in my back. My kids don’t like giving me back rubs and the Q flex is perfect for getting the relief I need. I even took it on a business trip as well as showing it to my daughter and her collegiate athlete teammates. They loved it too! I highly recommend this product.

  6. Rick

    This same product has been on the market for years and already patented, theracane so not sure how this didn’t infringe on that product?

  7. Jessica

    Love this product! It arrived quickly in about 3-4 days. I’ve used tens of different massage products but this is by far the most effective. After using for just 5-10 minutes for 3 days, my shoulders and back are nearly knot free. Haven’t felt this ease in YEARS

  8. Kathie

    I’m sure Mark Cuban was impressed that the young girl sold door to door until she could get some help. He started out as a door to door salesman I think when he was about 12 years old. I applaud him for taking interest in her product. I have a horrible spine from the cervical to the lumbar/sacral and I bought the product and I LOVE it! I get horrible muscle spasms in my shoulders and I would get my husband to hold him thumb in the trigger point until I got some relief. I can now just grab my Q-Flex and use it on whichever trigger point I need the relief. I was contemplating a third neck surgery due to the bad shoulder spasms, but now I can put that off. As long as the Q-Flex works I will keep using it. I think I know a lot of friends with the same spine problems as me that will be buying this after I tell them about it.

  9. Mark

    I’m ordering this product only because of the 13 year old on the show. I’m so glad they gave her a chance and I want to support her too. I started a business when I was about her age. Mine is a service and I started by going door to door to get clients. She is an inspiration, and her life could have gone in a completely different direction when she lost her father. I’m buying this for my wife and I will buy it for gifts for as many people as I can. Way to go!

  10. Detbuyer

    I bought one of these in South Korea for 1,000 won or $1.00 USA IT IT GREAT.

  11. Todd

    I bought six so far and I am planning on giving these to family members at Christmas. I had Physical Therapy and brought one to my therapist she liked it enough that she bought one as well. I also started selling door to door I applaud the Sharks for giving them a hand getting it going. I ordered my first 2 early and yes they were overwhelmed with orders. But since then I have ordered 2 times and bothe were delivered in a few short days. Don’t hesitate this really works and I am proud to also help out a young entrepreneur!

  12. Traci

    Love love love this product! It works! Makes a great gift!

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