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Red Dress Boutique is an online women’s clothing, jewelry, and gifts shop. What sets it apart from other online (or brick and mortar) stores are the prices and level of curation provided by the boutique’s owners. The store works hard to keep prices low, with most items selling for less than $50. The idea is for a woman to be able to treat herself, even if she doesn’t usually get the opportunity to do so. In addition, all the pieces are hand-picked by the entrepreneur. She travels around the U.S. and looks at different designers to pick the perfect items for her site. She also engages her customers, using social media, to pick new items. She makes an effort to create a “complete look” on her site—women can buy a dress and also get suggestions for shoes or jewelry to go with the outfit. Each package is wrapped like a gift, so when it’s delivered to your home you get to unwrap a little present to yourself. Mark and Robert both saw the value in the business, and teamed up to invest.

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  1. Christopher

    I’m pretty far from the target market for this business. I am not woman, I don’t shop in boutiques, I couldn’t tell you if those earrings match that dress. I do think this is a good business, however. We live in an age where the internet affords us unlimited shopping options. Anything we want to buy we can find online. The real trick now is curation. We need a way to sift through everything and pick the best product. What the entrepreneurs have done here is very smart. They have picked attractive items at attractive prices and made them available widely. Through their careful choices and close interactions on social media, they have built up a trusted relationships with their customers. The website makes suggestions for full outfits. All of these things add value beyond the basic shopping experience.

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