Rocketeer Pack


The Rocketeer Pack is a patented dog harness used in the car as a dog seat belt. It is designed to protect your pet in case of a car accident. Pet safety in the car is important not just for our dogs, but for the whole family traveling in the car. The Rocketeer Pack is specifically designed for small dogs 25 lbs & under.


• The Rocketeer Pack velcro harness
• Car seat, Frontpack & Backpack
• Backpack / frontpack straps
• Child seat anchor straps
• Headrest strap

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5.00 Stars - 5 reviews for Rocketeer Pack

  1. Sue jones

    Very cruel to your pet. Leave your pets at home.

  2. Gail

    Congratulations. After 750,000 years of 4-legged wolves living on earth, you’ve decided that their spines don’t need all 4 legs to sit, stand, or lay down. You got a tepid response from a single vet. Laughable but not funny.

  3. Toady Crumbles

    I actually think this is a great idea. Some people think this is cruel but what’s cruel is your dog getting seriously hurt on the way to a vet check up due to a drunk driver, deer, ice, anything really. Not only that but your dog could escape a damaged vehicle as well. Think about that for a hot second. You also wouldn’t want your dog attacking the people saving you. I think this is a great idea, once again.

  4. Robin Watson

    I use a different type of harness to secure my dog in the car while we are driving anywhere. He weighs about 24-26 lbs and I wouldn’t go anywhere without putting him in it. About 25 years ago, I had a small dog that was loose in the front seat of the car and I had to stop real fast , where he almost went through the front window glass of my car. After that I never put another animal in my car without a harness. It’s just not safe.
    So now I’m going to buy this Rocketeer Harness! My dog loves to look outside while I drive so it would be perfect for him, and also very safe & secure.

  5. Kelly

    Serious question. Why not have the dogs back legs and bottom resting on the seat for more comfort? Is it so they can see outside? I love the idea of safety and protection this gives to a smaller pet.

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