Rocketeer Pack


The Rocketeer Pack is a patented dog harness used in the car as a dog seat belt. It is designed to protect your pet in case of a car accident. Pet safety in the car is important not just for our dogs, but for the whole family traveling in the car. The Rocketeer Pack is specifically designed for small dogs 25 lbs & under.


• The Rocketeer Pack velcro harness
• Car seat, Frontpack & Backpack
• Backpack / frontpack straps
• Child seat anchor straps
• Headrest strap

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0 Stars - 2 reviews for Rocketeer Pack

  1. Sue jones

    Very cruel to your pet. Leave your pets at home.

  2. Gail

    Congratulations. After 750,000 years of 4-legged wolves living on earth, you’ve decided that their spines don’t need all 4 legs to sit, stand, or lay down. You got a tepid response from a single vet. Laughable but not funny.

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