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Season 4, Episode 7 Sharks: Lori Greiner Category:

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5.00 Stars - 1 review for Scrub Daddy

  1. amaya v

    we have bought so many of these over the years and looooove them. i hadn’t even realised they were a Shark Tank product until earlier tonight when watching reruns (!), but i’m so glad they’ve taken off!

    the Scrub Mommy variant is my favourite – it’s got a special foam attached on one side – & works a charm on just about everything. i *am* our dishwasher, so i want something that’ll do the trick with as little effort as possible, and this delivers: the eyes really do make great grips when washing tall glasses & scrubbing pots; & using the smile for utensils has made a tedious job so much quicker – without sacrificing cleanliness at all.

    ive given these as gifts & have recommended them to so many people. they’re an incredible value for the money, and i can’t imagine anyone being disappointed by such a fantastic product.

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