Sealed by Santa


If you thought sending a Letter from Santa was a great idea you will love our Santa Pack. Each Santa Pack comes with the official Santa Letter on Parchment Paper with burned edges. This Santa Letter has over 17 personalization items and Santa’s official wax seal. Every Santa Pack comes in a shiny red foil envelope with a big Santa label on the front of the envelope addressed to the child. The red foil envelope will capture your child’s attention immediately! Each letter also comes with two FREE videos and a phone call from Santa!

In addition to the Santa Letter every Santa Pack also comes an autographed picture of Santa, an ornament from the North Pole, a Holiday washable tattoos, Holiday Crayons, Santa coloring book, Holiday Stickers, a pre Christmas toy and a package of Magical Reindeer Food. This will truly be a memorable experience for your Child to continue to believe in Santa Claus.

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1.40 Stars - 11 reviews for Sealed by Santa

  1. Monica

    If I could give a ZERO star I would – this company is a scam – I ordered 2 deluxe packages NOV 7th – and its Dec 23 and NO PACKAGE – emailed 4x’s b/f I got a bogus response. I asked for a refund and they said “it was already shipped ” so I couldn’t get a refund and when I asked for PROOF…..ooops they didn’t have any! Said they would ship it right away. I am DEMANDING a refund! This is the worst company I have ever dealt with online!

  2. Laura

    Over priced letter packages. You dont get what they offer. Letter was suppose to match nice list and it didn’t. They over charged on shipping. I have decided that I will no longer buy from them. There are plenty of others with better pricing and customer service

  3. AG

    Orderd a letter before the cut off date to ensure it would arrive by Christmas. It still arrived 5 days AFTER Christmas. I emailed them asking for a refund as their website says they’ll process refunds, no questions asked. They never responded. I emailed them three times with no response. Once on the day it arrived, again in late January, and a third time in March with no luck and no response. Poor poor poor communication and poor customer service for an overpriced letter I should have made and printed on my own computer. Look elsewhere!

  4. Salt Schick

    December 2022, Wish I would have read these reviews before ordering. My story is the same. I ordered the package deal on Nov 11 to be delivered by December 18.
    Nothing arrived. There is a big clue here, No customer service phone number and no physical address on their website. I emailed them twice and received no response. They offer absolutely no customer service. This is a scam company.

  5. Donald Huff

    I ordered 5 premier packages, on November 29th and as of today nothing has arrived at any of my grandchildren’s houses. Now I have no way to contact anybody at this company to see if there is a way to try and get something to my grandkids in time for Christmas. I am extremely disappointed in the customer service with sealed by santa, and the lack of response.

  6. Rachel Moreno

    I ordered the deluxe package in mid November and have only received the letter (luckily). I am not happy as it’s the day before christmas eve and still no package. I’ve emailed the company several time and they have responded but it’s always a BS response saying it’s on its way.

  7. S

    SCAM. They sent something out without the name/street address, then after I received the FedEx return to sender I emailed. They said it would be resent and arrive in time. I sent 3 emails asking for the new tracking number only to be ignored. It was never delivered, so I emailed for a refund. Ignored yet again. I had to do a chargeback and my niece/nephew never got their surprise :( DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING WITH THEM.

  8. Deb

    Ordered 3 letters and they were never received. Tried emailing response. Used this service 2 times before and it was great. Somewhere they are scamming people with credit card charges

  9. Nicole

    Never got my order. It’s now February and I have emailed several times, commented on their Facebook and instagram pages (they delete all the negative comments). This company is SCAM

  10. Judy Stylianou

    Absolutely love this item. My niece and nephew are already writing there letter. 5****

  11. Judy Stylianou

    Love this!!!! As soon as they are available I send the letter. We start talking about it in the beginning of September.

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