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Squatty Potty is a toilet stool that puts you in the correct position to defecate. The idea is that the traditional way of sitting on the john doesn’t put you in the optimal position to go number two. Rather, a squatting position is how we have naturally evolved to excrete, and doing so will lead to cleaner, better bowel movements. The stool is relatively discreet, and is molded to fit around the base of your toilet. By placing your legs on the stool while you go, Squatty Potty puts your body in the correct 35 degree angle for optimal pooping. Lori smelled success with Squatty Potty and made a deal.

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4.00 Stars - 2 reviews for Squatty Potty

  1. Christopher

    Let’s talk about going to the bathroom, OK? I think most people are too squeamish about something that everyone has to do basically daily. I don’t think it’s polite dinner conversation, but it’s something that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to bring up if need be. I have been hearing for years that a squatting position is really ideal, but haven’t really seen how that would be done in practice. I know that in some countries a toilet is little more than a hole in the ground, so squatting is really the only option. In the Western World, however, it’s pretty hard to squat comfortably on a porcelain throne. The Squatty Potty definitely fixes that problem. If this product is helping people go, I’m all for it. If this is something that you think will help you, run out and get one. If you like the regular, old-fashioned way of doing it, you’ll probably be fine, too.

  2. Josh

    Okay, first i just want to say that i had a lot of hesitation when i heard about the Squatty-Potty. My partner ordered one after seeing it on the Shark Tank TV Show.
    I am now convinced about the value of the SP. We all prefer it to the old method.
    As well as the apparent health benefits i’ve found it to be generally comfortable. I really do wonder, however, why the designed it in such a way that faeces ends up spattering all over the surface. At first i didn’t see how this would be an issue but the sheer magnitude of fecal matter impacting the bowl induces large amounts of splashback. As other reviewers have said this is fixable by covering the Potty in a piece of wet cloth or towel but you’ll never quite catch all of the drops and many will end up on your clothes and legs which can be embarrassing. I do also find myself scrubbing flecks of excrement off of the sink and shower curtains, especially after my son has been in there.
    But overall we all agree that it is a worthwhile item and would buy one again .

    If you are thinking about buying one of these i’d suggest yes! They are affordable enough that youcan try it without worrying too much about changing back (which you probably won’t) if you dont like it. 4 out of 5 Stars

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