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3.00 Stars - 8 reviews for Squeeky Knees

  1. Kim Simon

    I love your idea keep going I think it’s therapeutical for some children

  2. Kim Simon

    Keep going don’t give up

  3. Jen

    Idea sucks and it’s stupid.

  4. Paul Thomas

    Trash idea. Sound would legit drive me crazy. I work overnights so during day I sleep. I’d legit shoot myself in the face if I had to hear that sound all day.

  5. Cursey

    You wouldn’t use these every day, I think that’s what some people don’t understand. These are for the times when mom wants to cook dinner and has to look away for 30 seconds or more. For me, any time I look away my baby is out of the room and halfway up the stairs. If i had squeaky knees, I’d be able to have peace of mind while cooking or doing other tasks.

  6. Lauren rose

    Love this idea! Love shark tank usually however, this idea is so great I can’t believe how negative they were. Please keep going with this! wish I had them when my kids were crawling. Obsessed 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  7. Julie-ann Castonguay

    Get a job. The whole “ I’m a stay at home “
    Narrative is exhausting.

    My work environment has an aggressive schedule ( I am a female without children) and and seems the women that have children completely get a hall pass. Time and time again it’s complete BS. .
    I handled a dying mom and health issues of my own on my own dime and work yet unless you have a kid no one cares. It’s pathetic that you can’t raise your kid and you expect some hall pass to start your own business because your mom.

  8. Jena L

    Wow, some really angry depressed people on this Squeeky Knees product review. They are either bored and want to take it out on any other person, so they look to reviews to take their frustrations out on or they were born nasty babies. My guess is both.
    I agree with the positive reviewers. It’s a smart and unique idea. The sharks can sometimes be upity *ssholes or just plain ignorant. Their loss, because the patent on Squeeky Knees could have been worth a fortune. I’m sorry the couple didn’t get a deal. I wish I had the funds they needed. I wish them well.

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