Sun-Staches are novelty sunglasses that “let you bring the party” where ever you go. Basically, they are plastic sunglasses with crazy designs, including extra pieces that hang down over your face or pop up over your forehead. There is a wide variety of designs—for kids and adults. For example, there is a pair that looks like a football helmet with a plastic face mask that hangs down over your mouth. Another pair makes you look like Santa Claus, another like a cat, and others like a firefighter or a cowboy. The designs are rather intricate, with lots of clever features and interesting details. After tough negotiations, Daymond invested in Sun Staches.

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  1. Christopher

    I was initially pretty skeptical of this business, but the more time the entrepreneurs spent in the tank, the more I warmed to this product. The designs of the glasses are very clever. They gave Robert some cowboy themed sunglasses, which included saloon doors over the eyes that can open and close. There are pirate glasses that only include one tinted lens to make it look like you are wearing an eye patch. So, while I can’t see myself wearing these glasses every day, I could definitely see buying a pair as part of a costume, or for a party. I see a lot of potential in this product as well—the entrepreneurs mentioned in their pitch they would like to get more into licensing. I could definitely see these becoming a hit in stadiums. Still, these are really just a novelty and I don’t see many people becoming repeat customers.

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