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  1. Natalie Brooke Askren

    Trying so hard to purchase a board after being a teacher at a gym that closed during covid. Common, why do all the links let you add to the cart at various websites but not purchase?!!! I miss my board, best workout ever, and I’m a competitive gymnast and dancer!

  2. Whitney Chandler

    I would love to purchase,but impossible to find! It allows you to put in cart, but not purchase. This helped me so much while at a retreat

  3. Rosetta

    I would love to purchase but it won’t allow you to check out.
    Very disappointed
    All the headache trying to purchase this item just not worth it.

  4. Sandy

    Yes they’re awesome. I have a rarely used board and the stand for sale, but they’re in New Zealand, [email protected] if you’re interested.

  5. Brian

    I am looking for one as I have been so impressed with my balance improvement I would love one for home…

  6. Carol

    I know where you can find used Surfset boards in VA. 703-584-2965

  7. Mark

    Thank God I still have mine from 8 yrs ago!! Use it every week.

  8. Liz

    I have 5 surfset boards and stands! I have a 6th one with one flat ball. Seems like a valve misfunction that I cannot get repaired.
    If anyone is interested in purchasing my boards w/stands, please email: [email protected]. I am located in Michigan.

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