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Soaps, Washes, and Grooming Essentials is a line of men’s skincare products developed by an esthetician. There are a variety of products, all of which are all-natural, and most are designed for men’s faces. Their signature product is the “SWAG Bar,” which is a face cleaning bar that has natural loofa right in the soap bar, for exfoliation. The entrepreneur claims the product cleans, moisturizes, and exfoliates all at once while reducing razor bumps and razor burn. Despite some interest, no shark jumped in on a deal.

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3.90 Stars - 15 reviews for SWAG Essentials

  1. Christopher

    It’s hard for me to get past the name SWAG Essentials. I just find it really kind of tacky. The company is clearly going for a premium aesthetic with its product, but then that name makes it feel low rent. With that out of the way, the product seems solid. I know a lot of people that struggle with razor burn, particularly on the neck (and particularly in the winter.) It’s hard to tell if this product really works. Other than the anecdotes told on the show by the entrepreneur, I have no evidence that this is a good product. I do think there is a market for this product, and the company can be successful. I just can’t tell from the pitch whether this is a good product.

  2. Jackie

    This is such a fabulous idea. My husband has had problems with ingrown hairs for years. I thought the young woman gave an excellent presentation. Her skin was fabulous and glowing. I would gladly try her products!

  3. Lisa

    Terrible experience and company! Company’s costumer service just lies on repeat and avoids giving instructions on how to return/request a refund due to being lied to. I would not recommend unless you have 12 months until you actually need the product as they cannot keep up with supply and demand and will lie to you about when you will receive the product. Very disappointed.

  4. dierdre johnson

    Extremely disappointed so far. They have my money. I do not have the product I just spoke to someone from the company and im not satisfied. But ill write again next week if what the young lady said comes true.

  5. Amy

    Absolutely terrible customer service and return policy. I ordered two bars for stocking stuffers in early December and didn’t recieve them by Christmas. I kindly asked for a return since they hadn’t even been shipped. After three emails, I was finally told they didn’t take returns. I still have no product to show for my money so, essentially, they have stolen from me. Terrible, terrible, would not ever reccomend.

  6. Valerie

    Very disappointed. I should of known they weren’t able to give up with supply and demand. I ordered a swag bar as a gift early January and still have not reviewed word about shipment. I’ve written to them a couple time regarding status of order and I have yet to get a reply. From what it looks like above I won’t be getting money back from them. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!

  7. DLopez

    I placed an order for 4 Swag Bars as a Christmas present. Unlike the others, I did get my bars at the end of January. Contrary to what the advertisement shows, you get 1 bar in the box for $14.00. I would not have paid that much for a product that is not proven to work. The boxes arrived crushed since there was obviously room for an additional bar. So, if you don’t mind being cheated and paying $14 for one bar of soap, I would not bother ordering. Do some research and use your money on a product and company that is proven and does not scam their customers.

  8. Renault Turner

    I have nothing but positive things to say about this product. I have had razor bump problems for years and the Swag Bar and Swag lotion simply works. My face has never been this smooth. The smell is clean and fresh. 5 Stars for this product.

  9. Team S.W.A.G.

    Thanks to those who have supported Soaps Washes And Grooming Essentials! We admit to being overwhelmed in the past as a result of not getting a deal with the Sharks. However, with national TV exposure, we have grown! Order fulfillment, processing, and shipping time have all been reduced and customers are very pleased with delivery time. We are also ecstatic about the positive reviews from those who have used the product and have seen great results! Thanks again! S.W.A.G. is on track!

  10. Trisha

    I received the bar as a gift so I was fortunate not to have any problems with shipmemt, and I am in LOVE with it! I have been using it for about a week and love the results. I have a few acne scars and a coworker said this should help. I love the way it leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft. Honestly when I first saw the bar I wasn’t too sure but after the first use I can see me using this everyday.

  11. Saundra brown

    My husband purchased a bar from his barber. He’s being using it for a month now. I’ve notice the difference in his face. His complexion is smooth. So I decided to use his bar to see if it will work for me. I had 3 white pimples in my face for about 3 months. It worked! The pimples are gone and the skin on my face feels smooth and tight. . Now I use it every other day to exfoliate my face. Ladies try it.! I use it on my feet, shoulders, neck, arms, etc. I’m going to try the products for ladies.

  12. Kumari Ghafoor-Davis

    I ordered the bar after seeing it on Shark Tank. Yes it did take an extremely long time (ordered in December received in Feb) but the product does work. My husband LOVED the product and I am about to order him another bar. And thanks for the tip Saundra Brown, I will try it on my pimples.
    PS… New companies may take a minute to learn their market and keep up with production. We have to cut this new entrepreneur some slack! Good luck to you Lydia! Congratulations on your success.

  13. stephon thompson

    I don’t do reviews very often, I’m very critical about the use of products. with that being said, This is truly a product I stand by, I ordered this product because I have been trying everything under gods green earth to clear up my razor bumps. I went to dermatologists to no avail, and one evening my fiancée seen the product on shark tank. She persuaded me to give it a try. 7 days later my swag bar arrived, 7 more days later, my skin is clear no razor bumps in sight! Moral of the story is “I got my Swag back with my S.W.A.G. Pack”

  14. denise kellogg

    Very disappointed, when I ordered, it showed 3 bars in the box and I only got 1. Not a very good product either, not impressed!

    They advertised 3 bars per box and I only got 1! What a rip off!

  15. Team SWAG

    Just checking in from SWAG ESSENTIALS customer care department! We appreciate ALL feedback and reviews! Thank you so much for taking a moment out of your busy schedule to share your thoughts with the world! We are so grateful we made it over the initial HUMP of orders in Dec 5, 2014 without an investment from a sharkie. We are now preparing for an UPDATE story following us beating the odds of most small businesses that walk away from the tank without a financial injection. Lots of love and respect to those who stuck it out with us. We have now streamlined our shipping process for faster shipping and have amazing new products online!

    PS. There are a couple of customers that mentioned about the quantity of bars per box. To clarify there is only (1) soap bar per box ($14.99 USD) as seen on our website http://www.pure-swag.com, however we also have a SOAP TRIO BOX that features (3) soaps in one box for those that like to stock up on their goodies.

    Don’t hesitate to email [email protected] if we can assist you or show our gratitude for your initial support. TUNE IN October 30th!

    -Team SWAG

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