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2.50 Stars - 3 reviews for Sway Motorsports

  1. Dion Bolton

    being a, 54W/M with motorbike Phobia! The, Sway! Seems the Most, Perfect choice…Well, Done! Also i wood look into the Medical field For, mobility…ijs

  2. Cathy

    I don’t understand the price info listed. In one place it says $80. Another place says $500. and yet another says $999.99. I am possibly interested in getting one of these when they are available, however I would like to know beforehand what the actual cost is. What is the $80. for and the $500. for? The $999.99 seems like the more likely price.

  3. John

    The prices on these bikes and trikes are an absolute scam. These vehicles sell for over $1000 plus. I don’t know how FB allows these scammers to advertise on the FB site without being vetted. Don’t be a fool and fall for this.

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