The Elephant Pants


Save elephants with the most comfortable pants you’ll ever own! The Black Diamond elephant print is our best-selling harem pant of all-time.

Our products are proudly made in Chiang Mai, Thailand by a talented team that’s paid 2x the minimum wage, provided with healthcare, and given a green environment to work in.

10% of net profits are donated to the IEF to programs that help save the elephants.

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0 Stars - 3 reviews for The Elephant Pants

  1. Sylvia Stropp

    I tried to buy and clicking on “Buy at Amazon” told me the page can’t be found :-(

  2. Phil

    Are these guys still around? Seems like they disappeared toward the end of 2018.

  3. thomas

    They’re not around anymore but there’s tons of similar ones available now.

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