Titin is a weighted work-out shirt designed to give athletes an edge in their training. The shirt is form-fitting and made of synthetic materials, similar to an Under Armor shirt. The real innovation is that weighted plates can be placed in the shirt to increase resistance and make workouts more intense. The shirt is essentially a more advanced alternative to a weighted vest. The entrepreneurs claim that training with the shirt can help you jump higher and run faster. In addition, the weighted plates can be chilled or heated to soothe sore muscles post-workout. After tough negotiations, Daymond agreed to invest in Titin.

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2.50 Stars - 2 reviews for TITIN

  1. Christopher

    I really think Titin can and will be a successful product, although I am less certain that it is a good product. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the Crossfit and other high-intensity boot camp-style fitness realms, and I know that weighted vests are quite popular. The traditional vest has a lot of problems—too much weigh on the shoulders and not enough on the rest of the core muscles; most are a little too bulky and restrict the user’s movement while trying to perform more complex moves. I think most people would be willing to spend a little more money in order to get an upgrade on the traditional design and these things will sell. However, I am somewhat wary of the entrepreneurs more fantastic claims of increased performance. While it is possible it will help athletes perform better, he didn’t provide context for how the shirt will do so. How much training will it require? Under what conditions? Without knowing that information I can’t give this product more than a marginal thumbs up.

  2. zach

    It’s a good idea but you can get a normal weight vest for 90 bbucks.i think it would be alot better for govt use IF they can substitute the weights for sappi plates for our military and police forces Fbi, cia, border patrol, etc. It is possible by the design to hold the plates and weigh about the same as the weights.weights.the downfall would be the material falling apart.like body armour the fabric will stretch and rip including with the weight.its something to look at and improve on.govt is where the sales would sky rocket since the govt pays wk way more for plate cacarriers.just think on that

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