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1.00 Stars - 3 reviews for Zipadee-Zip

  1. Lauren

    I love this idea and my son loves this product, but I don’t like that there is a very limited quantity in sizes and fabric designs. I have tried to order this product on numerous occasions with no success because they are out of stock every time I have tried.

  2. David

    We ordered three of these in January for our triplets, and finally received these products two days ago. To be honest, the quantity isn’t that great, and it doesn’t stop our children from waking themselves up from the “falling affect” we bought these to help our children with. Very disappointed all together.

  3. CassieV321

    I have been using the Zipadee-Zip on my son now for 3 months. Not a day goes by that he does not use it. Its amazing at how simple and effective the swaddle is! I gift Zipadee-Zip to all my first time momma friends! I tell them to use this swaddle transition sack the moment they see thier little ones breaking out of the swaddle. They always thank me later for this tip!

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