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Zipz Wine is a line of single serve wines that come in a goblet-style wine glass. The wine comes prepackaged in a plastic wine glass; the entire glass is shrink wrapped. When it comes time to drink your wine, you remove all of the shrink wrap and enjoy. With the shrink wrap removed, the product really resembles a normal wine glass. The glass comes with a lid that can be screwed on to store for later. The wine comes in several different white and red varieties. Mr. Wonderful struck what is now the biggest deal in Shark Tank history for Zipz.

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Season 6, Episode 11 Sharks: Kevin O'Leary Category:

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3.00 Stars - 3 reviews for Zipz Wine

  1. Christopher

    Zipz continues a long string of Shark Tank products that are wine related. Off the top of my head I can think of two wine stoppers (the balloon one, and the one that worked kind of like a plunger), a sparkling wine spritzer from last season, and the boom box shaped wine from earlier this season, along with the obvious comparison, Copa di Vino. Copa di Vino had been on the show twice previously, and both times failed to strike a deal. I like this product more than Copa di Vino. Both are essentially cheaper wines. Neither is probably excellent, but both are probably adequate (I have had Copa di Vino once before and it was fine, but unmemorable). Zipz has much more attractive packaging. It seems like the perfect wine for a theater, or a picnic, or BBQ because with the label off it looks like a real wine glass. You wouldn’t feel tacky drinking it most places. I think this product is really a home run, regardless of how the wine tastes. Great product.

  2. Jeff

    Just had a “glass” of zipz cab. Great idea and nice single portion for price point. However, as expected; quality of wine is poor. I liked the concept and wanted to try it. At $3.00 you get what you pay for. For me, simply wanted a glass of wine. Go ahead and pay 10 bucks and buy a 85 point wine bottle in my opinion.

  3. Joseph Falcone

    I just got arrested and plead guilty for defrauding investors of over $500,000. Can someone please bail me out? If not, can you please buy more Zipz to help me out? Thanks.

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