Kookn’ Kap


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Season 5, Episode 3 Sharks: Category:

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5.00 Stars - 3 reviews for Kookn’ Kap

  1. Billie E. Hackett

    This kap is the answer to all my “hair in food” problems. One of the very best items I’ve ever viewed on Shark Tank. This is a must to have while in the kitchen cooking.

  2. Kap

    Omg!!!! Love this product! My hair is so silky and DOESNT smell like fish anymore after wearing this cap. Honestly now my kids actually talk to me because I work in a fish slaughtering house, and my fish always smells like carp. So not only does this cap keeps my hair fresh, I am still sane. Now I can kill anything without it going in my hair! I have never felt any better! I don’t need fricken therapy, I have Kookn’ Kap!

  3. Sarah Mitchell

    Stupid. It is basically a hair bonnet. Nothing new. 🙄

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