Peanut Butter Pump


Love peanut butter? Save time and say good-bye to the clean-up, with the ultimate kitchen tool for your favorite nut butters. So convenient, it makes all your snacks, smoothies and sandwiches easier than ever!

Not only is the Peanut Butter Pump a great way to get the exact amount of peanut butter you need for sandwiches, smoothies, cookies, and hundreds more recipes, without the hassle of cleaning spoons or measuring cups.

The Peanut Butter Pump cleans the jar, so you don’t have to! Recycle without rinsing!

Once in use, no need to unscrew the lid! Small hands can use the peanut butter pump with ease without making a mess or struggling with a tight jar lid. Getting peanut butter has never been this easy!

Use on different kinds of nut butters – even crunchy peanut butter!
Many features specifically designed for easy cleaning.
Mechanism scrapes sides of the jar as you use it to get the most peanut butter you can!

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2.75 Stars - 4 reviews for Peanut Butter Pump

  1. Ninja

    You look like u we’re chubby then lost weight

  2. Brenda Starr

    I really like the product but not the price. I bought a pineapple corer for less and it solved a problem. Was it a necessity? No. But it’s cool & fun, like this product. If it were $12.99 to $15 I could see myself buying it.

  3. Vince

    How can it be reviewed or sold?? Did he ever fulfill his kick starter purchases?

  4. PG

    It’s been saying that preorders would be filled by 2020 . Hello it’s still saying preorders and it’s 2023 !
    Sounds like a huge scam to line his pockets .

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