Shed Defender


The patent pending Shed Defender® is intended to be worn in the house, car, or anywhere you don’t want dog hair, dirt, dander, and allergens. Made from premium eco-friendly fabric that is lightweight and breathable to ensure the dog stays safe, cool and comfortable. You can now take your dog anywhere you want without worrying about leaving a trail of hair.

With the Shed Defender on, dogs still shed naturally but loose hair and shedding is contained within the suit. Spend less time sweeping and more time snuggling!

The Shed Defender can help reduce anxiety. The snug fit applies a gentle pressure, making dogs feel more calm, confident and secure.

The Shed Defender can be used to replace the bulky and uncomfortable medical cone. It works to cover wounds, surgical sites and hotspots and helps with allergies and skin conditions. Please consult your veterinarian before using it for medial reasons.

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